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For Sale: Ultimate Ears UE900

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For Sale:
Ultimate Ears UE900

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my UE900s in excellent condition. Includes box, packaging, and all accessories except one set of the comply foams (I think medium) .


I was curious about these, and they do sound wonderful, but I really only use IEMs for travel, and my trusty Etymotics serve that duty well.


Photo is stock, but really, there's nothing of note to photograph. These look like a set of nearly new UE900s.


Price includes insured shipping and paypal in the CONUS. International shipping will cost a little more.

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I am very interested in your offer. I have the ue350vi and love them. I tried the klipsch s4i, monter turbine pearls and that they were no good. I love crisp and clear mids, but I'm huge on bass. I listen to alot of dubstep but haven't found anything that would be like having a subwoofer in my ear. I know it's hard to find with earbuds. I love the 350i's but wanted to know if you get deeper bass with the ue900. Please email me at
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Would you be interested in trading them for grado 325is?
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sorry for tardy reply. not looking for trades right now...

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