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Psychedelic/Trance/Downtempo/Ambient Best Headphones?

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First off, I'm really sorry if this has been asked before but there are just so many threads and I can't sift through them all.

I Love electronic music, especially the genres stated in the thread title. I have no idea what headphones are best for this. My budget is £150 max (small budget, I know, but I'm a student!), they almost have to be full size and closed back, and I value home use over on-the-go use. Please can someone give me some ideas? I live in the UK, and I would like to be as ecstatic as this atsmile.gif when I buy my heaphones. Thank you and sorry if this is a dead horse question.

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I would say grado headphones as they sound wicked with trance etc but try the akg550 you can get them for £149 of amazon
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If you want slow & ambient music, the senn headphones usually work well (hd558 ?)

If you want detailed, then I'd recommend srh940 from my personal experience, or known to be detailed (k701, dt880).

Otherwise just look at the head gear section, and see what headphone are most popular.

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Ultrasone. They are masters of Electronic music.
Depending on your taste you could also look at the Senn HD 5x8 series as well. They're a bit laid-back in the treble but the soundstage is massive and a tad ethereal(good for ambient and psych)

I suppose it would come down to what you listen to more. The Senns will be better at slower paced electronica with notes that 'float on air' while the Ultrasones are more upbeat.
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Ultrasones, Beyerdynamics, Sony Mdr-v6, and Sony Mdr-1r

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Audio Technica A900X Haven't heard them but based on peoples reviews and impression of the sound I think they would be great for the type of music you listen to the only thing is you sacrifice portability.

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For roughly the same price, I prefer the AKG K550 over the A900X and use them for the types of music genres you like. Two things to know about both of those headphones is that they are not basshead phones. They have good sub bass extension but tend closer to neutral. One plus for the K550s over the A900X is that they have a really big soundstage for closed headphones, giving you great sort of a surrounding immersion feeling.

The A900X would definitely be only for home use. They seem too delicate to me for carrying around in a backpack or something like that.

I own Ultrasone HFI-780s. Their advantage is that they have more pronounced bass than the K550 and the A900X. Sound stage is nice, too, because of the SLogic technology in them. But the K550 and the A900X are much more refined, better resolving, IMHO.

If you want extra bass, I would also look into the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80s (check Amazon UK). They will have some extra bass emphasis and good sub bass extension, but not over powering like Beats (and better SQ in mids and highs than Beats).

While I love my Grados, Grados do not have good sub bass extension and in fact roll off on the midbass. Better for all kinds of rock. That, and they tend to be very pricey to buy in the EU.

Now if you google any of the headphones listed so far with keyword "head-fi" you'll be able to find review pages and appreciation/owners thread pages where you can read much, much more about any of these individual headphones.
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