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Thanks for all the advice in this thread Guys.I've now paired my Qpad 1339 with the u7 echelon edition.I'm now a very happy gamer..
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Please be aware that the sonic radar can be interpreted as a cheat in online multiplayer games.
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Hi... I purchased the xonar u7 about a month back. I have windows 8 pro with media center 64 bit installed on my vaio laptop. I have realtek drivers and DHT v4 came preinstalled with them.. When I plugged in the xonar u7 and installed the latest drivers from asus website, everything is working perfectly. I have the xonar audio panel and I am very happy with the sound quality out of this thing. But my only problem is that the DHT v4 is still exactly the same as it was with the realtek drivers. There is no icon of Dolby in my taskbar but when I open it from speaker(Xonar u7) properties, it works. But I cannot expand it to use graphic equalizer, surround, dialogue enhancer etc. I am very disappointed as I am unable to use the full features of my xonar u7. When I try to install DHT v4 from the xonar u7 driver package, it shows DTH v4 setup wizard ended prematurely. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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You might want to uninstall the existing DHT v4 that was preinstalled first. But honestly I have only experience with Windows 7 so far, will skip W8 and wait for W9 to come.

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That's the problem! The preinstalled DHT v4 HAS no icon! Neither does it appear in the uninstall program tab in the control panel. It is only accessible from the Xonar u7 properties tab. The msi installer file that comes with the driver package is not completing the installation process. How did you install your DHT v4? Did you install it before or after installing the Xonar u7 Audio setup?

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For W7 it is included in the driver package. But as far as I remember it was only installed after the Xonar package.
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Trying appreciate U7 a bit more lately. Currently using U7 as DAC → Meier PCSTEP as AMP → HD600, but do experience noticeable hiss. What can be improved in such case?

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Do you use the headphone out or the line out?

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Yes, headphone line out

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Here are my settings:

Itunes Adele I melt my heart to stone @ AAC 320 vbr > Xonar U7(on max vol/medium gain) > Meier Stepdance (low gain / vol 2pm) > AKG K702


absolute no hiss at all, the background is totally black

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And you are using headphone out on U7 as well?

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Damn, seems not lucky. My first U7 broke after 3 months of use and now can't pair them up with decent amp that well. May be it's the drivers on Win8 or just particular unit.  I'll try on Win7 setup at work.

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I also own an Xonar U7 DAC/AMP (classic edition) and i want to post here some of my impressions about this soundcard:

-very good upgrade from Realtek HD 898 (Carbon Based Lifeforms sounds a ton better now - big CBL fan here!:) )

-my ROCCAT KAVE sound more defined,more bassy than before (i play BF4 online).

For music i have a pair of decent PHILIPS SHP 3000 cans and for gaming i use Roccat KAVE 5.1 headset. My OS is Windows 7 X64 SP1 and i have an desktop computer.

Despite the fact that i'm overall pleased with the quality of sound,i have few cons,though...

1) i heard some discrete white noise/harsh sometimes with DOLBY EQ on when i listen music,but when i switch off DOLBY that noise dissapear. The thing is that this ''noise'' is not present all the time,just to some melodys... I tested an audio file 24 bit/96 khz and sound is cristal and very pleasant with no interferences.

2) in BF4,when i set KAVE to 24 bit/192 khz/5.1 ch i hear a little cracklings/hiss noises sometimes in the end of the round and not at all when the match is activ. Also in movies i heard a few times some strange noises,but very very rare. Curious that this noise is not present anymore and everything is cristal clear  if i use SHP 3000 with DOLBY vitualization set to max (sounds sick!).

The switch for USB 2.0 was ON by default (factory) so i just leave it like that.

My guess is that Win 7 X64 drivers for U7 are pretty bad (i have an D1 PCI before and OMG! :mad: ). Also mic work flawless with no interferences. As far as i remember,D1 act the same way like described in 2).

I like to hear some opinions about this 2 ''problems'' that i encountered with my U7. Please forgive my english,is not my native language.

Thanks for your opinions!

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I also think, that the drivers are suboptimal. Sometimes when I switch from loudspeakers to headphone the driver just crash and I have to reboot.....

24/192 is nice to have, but the upscaling can create some noise.

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