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I've recently lost my Meelec A161P and am looking to replace it with an upgrade. I enjoyed the neutral tone of the A161P with its touch of warmth. My budget is around USD 200. My preferences are for an IEM with multiple BA drivers and/or hybrids with good isolation as I listen at fairly low volume levels. My music consists of ambient rock (Sigur Ros), electronic (Daft Punk), rap (Kanye West) and alternative rock (Muse). With a healthy dose of Indian classical (structured, rhythmic, high tempo music composed with reed-less and percussion instruments). Most of it is just MP3s at reasonable bit rates. My source is my Samsung Galaxy S3 (stock), with a future acquisition of an Fiio X3 in the works.


Feature-wise my preferences, in order, are:

  • neutrality (with a tinge of warmth)
  • isolation 
  • instrument separation (Loving the Brainwavz HM3 for this)
  • medium-width sound stage
  • over the ear wearability
  • medium to deep insertion
  • replaceable cable (I take good care of my IEMs but I'd rather not buy the Brainwavz B2 or Rockit R-50 for their suspect cables)
  • microphone + button


Looking for suggestions.