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Portable Source for Fiio E17

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Dear all,

i'd like to use the Fiio E17 both at home and outside home.


At home i'd like to use it connected by optical cable to Asus Xonar U3 usb card (for 7.1 virtualization in games).


Outside home i'm looking for a source that can send digital signal to E17... I don't know if my smartphone (Newman K1, great china phone) will support it, since i've read a lot of phones don't have a enough usb output power.


What can i buy?


Thanks to anyone that will help me!

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if you phone is androi 4.0 or above, you can try and get a OTG cable to connect your E17 as a usb dac/amp. it works on my Xperia-Z as well as Samsung Note 10.1 (with USB Audio Recorder Pro). I think you may also need to disable USB charge on E17 to save the battery life of your phone.... OTG cable is quite cheap...


if you really prefer a separate portable source with SPDIF to  E17,  AK100, AK120 and Fiio X3 can all support that. you can buy cables from sys concept or use Fiio L12s to connect.I think you should try those DAP alone and if you are already satisfied with the sound, you can leave your E17 at home so to avoid bringing too much stuff outside.

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Yeah I am on the same route too, I have purchased a cable for my Nexus 4 and I need to install a kernel that will support USB audio out and purchase that USB audio recorder pro cause I am longing to use the DAC functionality of the Fiio E17 with an adroid source.

By the way here is that cable since other  phones does not come out of the box with OTG support for all devices.



damn 23 days it still have not reached me!

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