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monoprice 9927 earphone any good?

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I was looking for a cheap ear bud or earphone for my droid phone with some good sq. ive heard of people talking about  these  monoprice 9927.

I would like to watch movies with them, play games and also music. there about $10 shipped and was wondering if I spend a little more like up to $30 would sq be any better. if so could you please recommend a good ear bud or earphone.






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no help today?deadhorse.gif

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Well considering they're the exact same as the 8320 except black I would assume they'd be pretty awesome. Read up on the 8320 to answer your question...color difference won't equal a sound difference. 

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thanks champ

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No problem bud

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They're great headphones. I doubt that you could get anything better for under $30. 

I've never tried them so I can't say whether or not they're better but the JVC HAFX40s are also supposed to be good.

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They're seriously amazing for the price. Better than many iems that cost much much more imo.

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They are great sounding but honestly, they are very uncomfortable(huge housing) and ugly(weird).... If that don't matter, you should go for them.

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any other suggestions before I buy the 9927.

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i think a philips she3590 will do you some good. That sound is great for an earphone costing under $15. I wouldn't say the philips has better sound than the monoprice but, the she3590 hits harder on the lows. The monoprice has the edge and treble. The philips are super comfy and have small housing, able to sleep with them on even when turned on the side.




If you don't mind stepping up to $50 ..


The vsonic VC02, VSD1, and Sony MH1C can be had for around that much.

They are highly praised and their sound surpasses both of the monoprice and philips easily.

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I got my  9927 earphones in today ran pink noise through them for about one hour before I listen to them.

first earphones I ever owned so it felt a little funny to sticking them in my ears. but a little playing around I got them to fit nicely. I end up using the smallest ear pieces they seem to work best for me.


now for the sound, I just could not believe the sound I was getting out of a $10 w/shipping earphones. first thing I noticed was a very detailed mids. voices are very clear and clean.

soundstage is very nice to. there a little forward sounding. bass is a little weak and the treble a little harsh.  the sound is something I would expect from a $60 headphones.  now im not sure if there 100% burn in, who knows maybe the will get better? if they don't I wouldn't care.


for what im using these for there perfect. would like to thank everyone who helped me out on buying these. L3000.gif

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Get different tips!! The stock ones suck really bad and make them sound a lot worse

Sony hybrids are good silicone tips and Comply 400 are the recommended foam tips but pricier

If you're ambitious you can also try making custom ear molds which I'm attempting now but hasn't been going great rolleyes.gif

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hey jmoore914, I noticed that the medium tips fall out and the small one feel there to deep in my ears? so the sonys or the comply tips will fix this problem and sound better?

any link to the tip mod?

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I got my 9927s in today and they are an epic set of buds. I plugged them into my Android phone and fiio e6 headphone amplifier and I'm blown away that a 8 dollar pair of headphones can sound this awesome. Great Soundstage and excellent sub bass. Strong lower mids and excellent timber. Highs are a bit rolled off but tamed and clear, which is great because they aren't fatiguing at all. All I can say is that I wish I would have known of this combination a couple years ago. I would have saved hundreds on iems. Don't believe me? Try it out for yourself. $8 monoprice 9927 + $25 fiio e6 = endless hours of listening bliss.
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I'm a die hard sony guy, but I gta go with the 9927 over the mh1c if you can get a good fit. The cord on the mh1c is a pain in the butt and sq the 9927 edges it out by a hair IMHO.
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