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I bought a pair because they were on sale. That was good I thought, I am getting a good deal on a pair of headphones. But when I got them, they were awful.


They crackle. They don't block out much sound. They don't get loud at all. The left side was unbalanaced. Yes they are a bargain set, but when these problems occur even before they are really used, there is a problem with quality control isn't there? The monoprice 8320s gave me an expectation, a high quality pair of headphones for a decent price, that don't break easily.


The headphone seperated from the plastic housing when I was listening to them for a few days.


When I returned them, and got another pair the pair still didn't get loud. It still crackles despite not getting loud. Did I get two bad pairs? I really don't get why they get a 9/10, they deserve a 2/10 even for the small price I paid for them,


Why are they recommended?