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Headphones and Magnets (Specifically Antilion Modmic)

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Hi everyone,


I am looking to buy an Antlion Modmic (http://www.amazon.com/AntLion-ModMic-Attachable-Boom-Microphone/dp/B005IT9P3G/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top) to put on my Sen HD555's for gaming or chatting.  To attach it, you put a base on your headphones (via adhesive pad), and the boom attaches to the base with a magnet - making it easily removable. 


I've done a search on the site, and people seem to generally say normal magnets shouldn't hurt your headphones, but this would be on the earcup for a prolonged period of time.  Could any of you more educated people offer your view on whether this could have a negative effect on the headphones in the long term or otherwise?


A rep from the company has said that they have no reports of it causing damage, but I'd like to hear from you guys.  This is basically the only thing holding me back.  I've had enough of "headsets."


Thank you

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I just bought a modmic, and saw it instantly magnetize to my HD800 headphone driver and wondered the same thing. I took it off immediately.


I have no idea how prolonged contact would affect the drivers.

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Buy a cheap pair of HD600/650's and say "Who cares?". That's just me thinking out loud. The ModMic site clearly shows pair of 650's on their main page with the ModMic attached to the grill.


The question being, do you _really_ need your 800's for gaming? In my case - I think not, but currently the only good set I have. But the 650's would be an ideal 300ohm output to match my Crack and also have the added bonus of finally satisfying my curiosity about the HD650s. It would be WIN/WIN/WIN... oh except for my wallet. It never wins.

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I'm interested in this as well, that was my plan actually, to get a pair of headphones and use the Antlion Mic to be able to game or Skype, etc. Would rather use a better mic then the cheap clip on one, forgot the name.

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The Modmic is awesome. I recommend it to anyone. I've used for a while with many headphones with no ill effects.


It's much better than the Zalman clip on.

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