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For Sale:
Grado SR60i (One Year Old, Like-New Condition, Shipping Included In Price)

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hello, everyone. I've been selling off or giving away a large portion of my collection in recent months, though most of it has been through people I know personally or through PM. For this little guy, though, I've decided to make a classified. I'll put up pictures later, but there's nothing really to see that you wouldn't expect. It's a 2012-manufactured Grado SR60i, bought last year at Hi-Fi Heaven in Green Bay, and I used it on and off as a portable and office can. It only has a few hundred hours on it, with no major wear visible (or audible, of course). Essentially, it's a brand-new SR60i.


It's been languishing awhile so the cord has a bit of circular memory from being wrapped around the headphone, and the 1/4" jack ran away a few months ago.


The headphones come with their original box, as well as the original receipt from Hi-Fi Heaven for $79.11, and I also have a black Audio-Technica headphone bag that the headphones vaguely fit in if you wish for me to include that as well. Shipping is generally included in the price, but if it's over $20 I would like the difference made up with additional payment.


Payment will be accepted through PayPal only prior to shipping. I apologize for any inconvenience.


PM me or post on the thread if interested; I'm more likely to see a PM than a post here.

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