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For Sale:
Hifiman HE-500 + BONUS STUFF (Custom Cables, 3 sets of Earpads & Add On Foam Headband)

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only


(PLEASE NOTE: Check out the full album as there is a limit to how many pics I can post)

I'm selling these in 2 option packages. Of course preference given for full package.

1) $SOLD - Everything listed below
2) $SOLD - Everything listed below, MINUS the custom Headphone Lounge 4 Pin XLR Silver Balanced Cable

These HE-500 are in mint condition. There are no scratches on them or any dents/stuff like that. All the accessories as well are in great condition. The headband of the HE-500 has no scars or anything like that, however, there is a trench there due to the add on foam headband. It actually looks good when you're looking at it, as I find the pattern unique. Regardless, the added comfort provided by it completely justified it for me as well as for others who have this. You can see the trench in one of the pics. (NOTE: The HE-500 are quite sensitive to glare and reflection, so if in the pics you think you see something, it's most probably dust or light. I checked and made sure that there are no scratches, dents or stuff like that)

These come with the black carrying transportable case along with the black accessory bag. In addition to the standard 1 velour and 1 pleather set that you get. I'm throwing in another set of pleather ear pads for a total of 4 pleather earpads.

These come with the stock silver single ended cable as well as the custom silver balanced 4 pin XLR cable from Headphone Lounge (Chris_Himself and his team on Head-fi). I got this cable for $120. Hifiman connectors are also included to make your own cables.

The foam add-on headband as mentioned before is also included.

The extra pleather ear pad set and the foam add-on headband is $40 value (included in there for free).

Local pick up preferable. I'm located in Mississauga so anywhere nearby works nicely. Also might consider in Hamilton.


INCLUDES: Hifiman HE-500, Carrying Case, Stock Silver Single Ended Cable, Headphone Lounge Custom Silver Balanced 4 Pin XLR Cable, 2 sets of pleather pads (4 pleather earpads in total), 1 set of velour ear pads, Hifiman connectors, Foam add-on headband, Invoice/Receipt & Accessory Bag.

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