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IEM's or headphones for around $150ish?

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My birthday is coming up in like a week, and I was thinking of asking for some nice IEM's or headphones (I don't care which) since I won't be having a party or anything.  I guess I'll list my  preferences first and go from there.

  • I listen to mainly old school and underground hip-hop, some RnB (Like Frank Ocean), and rock here and there (Arctic Monkeys for example).
  • Either balanced, yet clear sound signatures; or slight bass-oriented sound signatures would be ideal.
  • Looking to spend around $150, but anything relatively close to that should be fine
  • IEM's or headphones
  • Durability would be a must because I plan on having these for a while
  • Willing to amp if necessary, as long as the budget isn't stretched too far, and preferably if it is small
  • My music collection is composed of a decent amount of ALAC and 320kbp mp3s, and then some lower quality songs here and there.  So it might be better if the IEM's/headphones aren't too demanding on lossless files to sound good just in case.
  • My devices are a Galaxy S3(I can only listen to 320kbps because I'm using Google Play Music right now, but I can get lossless files if need be) and an iMac, although I do have other computers, these are the things I mainly use
  • I currently have MEElectronics M21's.

So far I have looked at the obvious M50's, but not too much else yet.  Thanks for the help!

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Where will you be when using these? If you are more stationary, headphones are more comfortable for most. If you are moving more, IEMs and on ear headphones might be a better idea. Also when using headphones, over the ear or on?

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Well I don't really care if they are IEM's or headphones as long as they are good.  But if I had to choose, I'd probably lean towards headphones right now because I already have some IEM's that get me by just fine.

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Ultrasone HFI-780's are a great headphone for what you listen to

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The ATH-M50s are good but not for the price they have been going for. Maybe the Hfi-580, i have them and use them for the same genres as you. They are excellent for what i got them for, idk how good they are for the extra 60 bucks more than what i paid for them on amazon. Also are you leaning towards open or closed? Open will give you a better soundstage but will let in all surrounding sounds and the bass isnt as present in most. Closed headphones offer more isolation and bass impact but smaller soundstage. More experienced people feel free to chime in!!! o2smile.gif

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Originally Posted by TrollDragon View Post

Ultrasone HFI-780's are a great headphone for what you listen to

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I agree. The M50s are a good headphone when they are at $125 or less, but the 780s are more fun because of their more engaging soundstage and little bit stronger bass.
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Both Ultrasones mentioned seem pretty interesting so far, though I'm still looking into them.  I think I'm probably gonna go with closed headphones because I know the bass is typically better than open.  And people will be able to hear my music with open back I believe(?).

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Open headphones leak sound in and out.

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Yep. Unless you are planning on listening to your music at home in relative peace and quiet, closed headphones are the better choice. And the Ultrasone HFI series has pretty good isolation, too.
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Whoops, change of plan.  I plan on sporting a pompadour soon, so headphones won't be ideal because of the grease in my opinion.  So I guess IEM's only as of now, but I'll probably get the Ultrasone HFI-780's if I change my mind.

Edit: I think I might be willing to try more neutral, but good clarity IEM's too.  

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I'm thinking about getting the Etymotic HF2's, and then when I get the money, the ACS custom tips to go along with it; or the Rock-it Sounds R-50s.  On Amazon, the HF2's cost $90, but it says that it is an older version.  But when I type in the code for the newer version it looks to the same, except it costs a lot more.  Can anyone chime in on why it's like that?


Cheaper one:



Pricier one:


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Bump?  My birthday is approaching, and I want to place my order asap haha tongue_smile.gif

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I own the Phonak Audeo 122, and can testify they are as good as the reviews you will read if you decide to have a look at them. I feel they are incredibly clear, nice soundstage, very neutral/natural sounding,  and easily EQ'd to whichever music you are listening to, and don't particularly need to be amped.




Edit: Just saw your price range is up to $150, this is in £150...sorry! They are worth it though

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Hmmm, it costs $180, on Amazon, and $150 on this site I'm not too sure is legit.  I'm not too sure if I would be able to get them because of that, but thanks for the recommendation anyway.  I really appreciate it!

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