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USB to Aux?

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If I wanted to go USB to XLR to Aux with my condenser microphone (AT2020)....


1. Would it improve in recording quality if fed into a sound card, say a Xonar DGX? 

2. Would I need to feed it 48Vs of phantom power? 



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Before this gets rolling, let's clarify: 


You have an AT2020 (XLR out, standard with phantom). 


So you want to go Mic -> digital interface -> ? 


I'm reading this as your wanting to digitize your mic's output, via an interface... Do you mean that you want to send the analog signal to the interface?


Do it to it smily_headphones1.gif



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Sorry for being misleading. I have a AT2020 with a USB out, not XLR. I didn't know if it would improve the quality of the microphone to go:


USB -> XLR -> 3.5mm -> Sound Card

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Ah, okay. That makes more sense... That suggested middle conversion will just rob some quality. I'd pop it right into the USB as it is meant to be.


However, if you're getting hum or interference, a more robust USB cable could help in that regard. 



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