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BTW guys, in case any of y'all want to do the mod that corrects the loose fit, I've posted the instructions in pichu's SE-A1000 appreciation thread:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/670454/pioneer-se-a1000-appreciation-club-hd-650-for-55#post_9575916

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It's no secret that my Somic MH463 with my secret sauce EQ can wipe the floor with the Sennheiser Orpheus. devil_face.gif

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Baah.. I want it... but I can't justify owning them. lol
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Originally Posted by pichu View Post

Oh, jsut an update. I got two headphones coming in both under $100. Thryll be hear friday, and Ill share how I feel about them :)


I'm assuming the SE-A1000 was one of these. What was the other one?

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How is this thread not locked? LOL biggrin.gif

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Blame the resident mod....

Points at wazza...

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did anyone actually find out what this thread was about???? what model ?? jecklinsmile.gifplease say so...

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The Z is beyond mere models....he's moved up to supermodels. Can't attract more supermodels than with a HD800-beater, that's for sure.

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I notice he's rather complimentary of the SRH440 these days. Sadly, I find myself agreeing with some of the things he's saying. I suppose with the number of different opinions he takes, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I did like the SRH440 better than the M50. More balanced, more upper midrange presence. They're not a giant killer by any means, but I might call them a giant killer killer. Nobody talks about them much anymore (apart from zardak this week), but I think they still hold up well in their range.


But, yeah, on topic. I still haven't got a clue what his giant killer was supposed to be. I don't think he does, either. The Headphone Randomizer 9001 hasn't yet spit out a slip of paper telling him which headphone is the best thing evar this time. He seems to consult it weekly.

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I only wish he had forewarned of the SRH440 being the new squeeze sooner. If only he had done so back when I still had a pair, I could've been on the cutting edge like the spectacular Z. Goodness know I can't afford a HR 9001. I can barely fit the crufty old 7001 in my house as it is!


But yes, I'm agreeing with the things he's saying (apart from the SRH840 thing, that tastes a tad bit like jibberjobber). The horror. Will the time finally come to pass? Will the purpose of this thread finally come to a screeching halt (keeping in mind that I was never here to witness it personally for the most part, I still felt highly attuned to the core cause)?

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I've never heard an SRH840. I actually had a chance to try one side by side with an SRH440, but I wasn't looking for a $200 headphone at the time (back when the SRH840 went for that), so I didn't bother having them unbox one for me. I ended up going with the M50. It was my first search for a decent headphone, and of course the M50 has an initially impressive sound. You only see the wires that hold it up when you live with it for a while. The SRH440 was less initially impressive tonally, but it's also more versatile.


I don't think this thread has anything to worry about. Z-doodle will have a new opinion next week, the SRH440 will be crap again and have exactly the opposite attributes that he says it does now that he's being complimentary, and life in this merry thread will go on. I wonder if he knows we're doing this. Maybe somebody should PM him a link. I'm not looking for trouble so I'm not going to do it. Maybe somebody who enjoys getting struck by lightning could volunteer.

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I wonder if he knows we're doing this. Maybe somebody should PM him a link. I'm not looking for trouble so I'm not going to do it. Maybe somebody who enjoys getting struck by lightning could volunteer.


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guys I just contacted the zardakinator to come and see the thread, let's hope he comes to say hi

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