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I tend to believe that Zardak has tin ears and is still searching for that nebulous game-ender phone for himself.


So, what's his game?   Simple....


Go out and buy a phone that he can use and extoll the virtues of, while he tries to sell his previous phones.


When those are sold, he goes out and buys another "sub $100 worldbeater" at random and extolls them until he sells the former.


etc, etc, ad nauseum, ad infinitum, ad hoc.


The problem here, is that he doesn't seem to learn nor make progress during theses exercises in sonic futility.

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Well, one thing's for sure. He certainly paints all us headphone and audio enthusiasts with a broad brush. Interestingly, the people who responded to him were least like the description he continually uses to trash us all.


It's sad to admit, but depending on where you look there's a certain element of truth to what he says. There are certainly audiophiles out there who don't believe anything relatively inexpensive can ever sound good, and that unless you have a $$$$$ amp and a $$$$ cable, you're not in Summit-Fi territory, shall we say.


But, at least here on Head-Fi, these types seem to be in the minority. And, far from shattering somebody's world and challenging their apparent all-encompassing world view, here on HF there's true excitement whenever somebody finds a new low-budget contender. Just look at any 200+ page impressions thread to see the proof.


What our Z-man doesn't seem to understand is that we're not doubting the possibility of there being a very nice headphone under $100 that delivers performance way beyond expectations and price. We're not even doubting (though it is very unlikely) the idea that such a headphone might actually compare favorably with $$$$ models. Our doubts are aimed squarely at the source of these revelations, based on his history of fickleness and misleading, his crass attitude, and his incessant determination to engage the community with childish (some would say troll-worthy) vitriol.


I make these statements because I want to make it clear, at least in my case, that my participation here isn't fueled by some animosity toward the Z-man. On the contrary, I find him endlessly amusing, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Rather, I hope that those who stumble across this thread gain a perspective on just how not to be a good member of the community (e.g. don't make outrageous, purposely incendiary statements, don't continuously thread-jack, and don't give unreliable advice and recommendations to newcomers to the hobby), as well as an understanding that the "snobiophile" (as Achmedisdead astutely calls them) stereotype is not applicable to all, or even a significant portion of this community.

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Thanks Argys, wonderful comment!


In my mind the most boring forums are the ones that brush off different opinions, where everyone is likeminded and no fruitful, critical discussion is allowed. The "either you are for us or against us" mentality is killing any interesting debate.


Maybe headphones create such a strong bond and emotional response because it's one of the few gadgets that you actually "wear". It touches the regions of your body you usually are most careful about (head) for many hours at a time. 


Anyhow, I want to reiterate that I value Z-mans input, the forum is a better place with him. But that doesn't mean we cannot dispute his revelations from time to time and maybe spice it up with some well meaning sarcasm. ;-) 


Rock on,


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Sarcasm, SARCASM...???!!


There's sarcasm to be found on Head-Fi...??    Never......


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Originally Posted by wink View Post

Sarcasm, SARCASM...???!!


There's sarcasm to be found on Head-Fi...??    Never......



Noooo, did I say that? Me? No chance.

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Originally Posted by Koolpep View Post

the forum is a better place with him.


Umm, okay, whatevs.  rolleyes.gif

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Oh, jsut an update. I got two headphones coming in both under $100. Thryll be hear friday, and Ill share how I feel about them :)

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Originally Posted by TrollDragon View Post

The JVC HA-S500's biggrin.gif

Sent from my HTC Desire HD A9191 using Tapatalk 2


Agreed 100%. They punch way above their price range.

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Just tried the Pioneer SE A1000 from the recommendations. Only 2 words. Jaw Dropping. When I first pulled them out and put them on my head, I felt like they were sitting on my bottom jaw bone. But, I later forgot about that moment of awkwardness when I played my first song on them. Hey Jude by The Beatles on CD. I instantly was amazed. Being so used to closed ear phones. The soundstage was magneficient. As soon as the drum kick and guitar started to play, it felt and was heard very clear, and natural sounding. As soon as vocals kicked in, the clarity went to another unimaginable level. After palying around with this amazing find, I can truly say this is the best mids and sounstage I have heard on any headphone under $300.  This headphones require no burn in, soudning great out of the box. I really dont know what to say other than this headphone is amazing, and are even more blown away than what I expected from what siome members of this thread had to say about them. I truly enjoyed them more than the HD 600 and HD 650 which they are usually compared to. Only difference is the Pioner SEA1000 is offered for only $55. Best budget headphone under $100. Case solved? ( PS : Try them amped to increase the exp. ; ) )

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Originally Posted by pichu View Post

Just tried the Pioneer SE A1000 from the recommendations. Only 2 words. Jaw Dropping.


smile.gif  I'm glad you enjoy them!  Sadly, you and I are only a few of the people that will ever enjoy them around here.  They just don't seem to be very popular around here - despite positive impressions.


Originally Posted by pichu View Post

When I first pulled them out and put them on my head, I felt like they were sitting on my bottom jaw bone.


They are very, very big.  Luckily, there is a very simple mod that you can perform in order to get them to fit better.  PM me if you'd like to decide to keep them and want to know how it's done.

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Have to agree with warrenpchi's recommendation of the Pioneer SE A1000. Very nice set of cans that sound amazing. Price to performance is just off the charts as far as I'm concerned. I still can't believe I paid less than $60 for these babies.
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IMO, for what Ive heard under $100, and what others have to say, I think we beat Zardak to the sub $100 end-game phone. IMO you dont need any headphone above $250, that is better than this guy. In a blind phone test, I would think the sound quality mimics <$300

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I'm jumping on this Pioneer SEA1000 bandwagon so make a little room. biggrin.gif

picked them up for $48 on amazon. Thanks for the suggestion
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imma make a seperate thread for them ;)

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