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Originally Posted by Sinth View Post

I don`t lack bass but have just ordered the Ortofon tips to see how they sound.

Okay, and they have arrived. If you look at the pic in my review it isn`t a million miles away from being the same tip, just a different colour. It is somewhat a little softer though and does sound pretty decent after a quick trial. 


Will report more after more listening. I am having trouble with my right ear though. In my review I mention "tip flex" as I can physically put my finger on the iem to stop it but wondering if it is the seal or a possible defect. If it carries on I may speak to InEar but for now I will continue to monitor. I do believe though it really is just the seal and these bad boys (or good girls) do push out some air making a good dry seal for some imperative.


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Originally Posted by Ultrazino View Post

I don't think there has been any controversy about SD3. It has a lot of bass and intimate mids. If you like that, it is a dead solid product.


If you are scared the bass might be too bloated or mids too warm, go for the SD2 instead. It performs far better than you'd expect from a two-way system. It's one of the most complete IEMs I've ever heard (I bought it twice).


I know Ultrazino we seem to be repeating things but now that I have lived with the SD3, I wouldn`t want any less bass. This is obviously a topic that can only be rectified with actually listening.

To be honest, I could take "more" bass. Yes folks, not entirely sure what is in your minds but this mini hifi is neither sibilant nor a distorted bass junky at high volume.

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Chase and Status-Blind Faith




one of the best Videos on youtube and that's the perfect music(get the whole song and watch the video) to enjoy with the sd3- ELECTRONICA... what's your obsession with classical music? *yawn* ;)



music_4321 made the right choice though. he has chosen the sd2. :)



Bonus(because motorsport is awesome):


too much dubstep after the first minute though :D



still Walkman says: 

"Every moment has its music"

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After trying all my sources and playing with softwares and different equalizer settings, I finally concluded that the best pairing for me and the SD3 (Ortofon tips) is with the Sony F807 without any adjustment, it's just perfect for my ears and no amp. I really like this combo. I'm still waiting to receive my modified T51 to see if it will be better or not, but am already really really happy with what I hear. A well refined IEM we have wink.gif


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Good stuff mate. What I am really impressed about is that now Radiohead`s "In Rainbows" album sounds bang on, I mean bang on.


I am only a month away from my HiFi setup too so pretty excited at the min..(oh and the new house) :-)

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Thank Sinth, I confirm for Radiohead, I listened 2 times the best of lately wink.gif I have to slow down too many hours plugged etysmile.gif


A good band : D.A.D.



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I was in my local audio shop today (Have supported them for the last 25 years and you should always support your local community in this day and age) and auditioned:


Rotel Ra-10 amp

Marantz  -Cd6004 (6005 coming Sept)

Monitor audio BX2 speakers


Sounded decent, imaging perfect.


Reason for above is that myself and the owner sat down on a sofa and listened to 6 tracks from the Radiohead album "Kings of Limbs"

I have never heard that album before weirdly but sounded great with the above setup. Quite a dark affair but a true Radiohead consumer listening experience.


Missing ingredient(s):


Sennheiser "Momentum" cans.


I will be getting the forthcoming:

Marantz CD6005 cd

Marantz PM6005 amp

Project debut carbon - turntable

Monitor Audio BX2 - speakers


With the CD having a built in DAC, the future sounds good on paper and I think I have the "Ear candy" to support the above. If not well, the headphone search will go on and on and.....

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I have to say these Ortofon tips that were thrown in the mix are decent. Vocals and detail top notch.

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Sinth, if you want Monitor Audio then get their RX (silver series) speakers, no comparison to bronze series which you mentioned. For amplifier i would not recommend Rotel or Marantz, better look Misical Fidelity M3 or similar, actually Chinese tube amps from Prima Luna are best inexpensive amplifiers money can get. as for source Marantz must be good but i am a sucker for Naim CD players. alternatively i can redommend Oppo BDP105 and later you can DAC and connect Oppo as transport only via Spdif. i know all components i mentioned pretty well and tried them, i also have Oppo in my cinema setup.

actually you must hear Prima Luna amps with good loudspeakers. once you hear i guarantee you will forget all Marantzes and Rotels :-)
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Thanks for the info mate but I listened to the above combo and was extremely impressed.


The Marantz CD6005 and PM6005 are brand new models coming in September and will suit me fine. ;-)


Edit: Yes will be Spdif. Will be interesting to hear the SD3/Momentums through the DAC in the CD player which is Ipod friendly. Ugh why is October 6 weeks away.

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Sinth, just give Prima Luna a try, you will forget Marantz.

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Laughing so hard when my friend is trying to compare ba200 to sd-3 and he said he wanted to try my sd-3 and said that what if the Sd-3 which I paid S$807 is crap.
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Great story.
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Originally Posted by vwinter View Post

Great story.
You understood it?
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Originally Posted by Mimouille View Post

You understood it?

My friend wanted to see how his BA200 compares to my SD3.
Ugh, as if!

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