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Originally Posted by Nestroit View Post

today I put the sony hybrids back on them and listened to my favorite piece of music:

anyone else tried the sony hybrids on them? not the easiest to get the seal right and tight but the most comfortable silicone tips.

Blimey, Mono life in mono is my fav track. You have a good taste in music!
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ouch, some good music here, love Foreigner, and how about Supertramp? :-)
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Supertramp, reminds me of my youth that good memories also :)

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Another good pairing is with the Sony F-807, listening FLAC and no need to equalize, the SD3 signature is perfect for me, it's really hard to stop listen etysmile.gif


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AHHHHHHHHHHHH........ JOE COCKER..... You can leave your hat on !!! wink_face.gif

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Some pics of my SD3 in good company, a shapely IEM wink.gif






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Lovely! What tube amp is that?

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Ahh nice. How does the SD3 sound with it? I have always been intrigued by tubes. I am/was always under the impression that tubes gave a warm sound but how do you really define warm? Relaxed?


Edit: That review has possibly made it onto my future hifi equipment list when I move house. I think that feeding the amp with vinyl and then through the tubes to headphones could be interesting.

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Yes or laidback, that depend also on tubes you choice, I have not  try the SD3 with it, at the moment the impedance is setted for the HD650 and the SD3 already shine with the D7.


Edit: The SD3 is already enough warm wink.gif

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I am a little old school growing up with analog but never tried tubes. I will ask for your help if and when I go down that route. Good stuff with the D7. I am surprised at how the music sounds via the FiiO E17, much more wholesome with the SD3 and a completely black background. Prefer the SD3 with the E17 rather than the C&C BH amp which just gels with the W4 (benefits with the LF switch).

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Good to hear of the synergy with the D7 as that is what I have been using for some time in lieu of my computer sound card. Hopefully, my SD3 will arrive sometime this coming week. Patience is not one of my virtues!
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Good news HiFlight, I wondered if you were still going ahead. Can`t wait for your impressions, especially knowing your opamp knowledge.

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It's a good sound card, I use it many with my quiet laptop and studio monitors and now with the SD3, I bought it after reading your test if I remember correctly wink.gif


I hope you will not be disappointed with your new IEM, I look forward for your impressions ! !


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Have to be listened on a good sound card with the SD3 basshead.gif


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