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For Sale:
Lavry DA-10 DAC headphone/preamp

Will Ship To: Continental US

What to say about this renowned DAC? The Lavry DA10 is a professional studio quality DAC/Amp suitable for use with headphones or speakers and also as a preamp in a system if you choose.



I've had this in my system for several years and it's been such a pleasure opening up the sound of my high end system, I never wanted to let go of it even when I moved and had a much smaller room.


This unit is about as neutral/transparent sounding as DAC/Amps get and is in excellent condition. It is a terrific DAC in it's own right and has a very neutral 'wire-with-gain' type amp section. It can be easily connected to a computer via the DA10's optical input for a first-class digital audio listening experience. I've used that with a Wavelength tosslink glass cable and it's brought everything to life.


The DA10 also has spdif and aes inputs. The unit can be run balanced or unbalanced. I have balanced cables running in that mode and will include them for the the buyer so it's - plug and play ready if so desired. This item comes boxed with the manual, power cable and with XLR cables running direct to unbalanced ends.

Please also see my superb ratings on Audiogon -same name: romanesq