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For Sale:
Project Horizon tube amp

Will Ship To: Coninuous US



I have a like new condition Project Horizon amp from Garage 1217.  I originally purchased this to use with my AUNE T1 dac/amp, but I have since sold the AUNE to a co-worker. Now that I am listening to the Asus Xonar One Muses edition, this hasn't seen any use. I bet I have about 50 hours total time on this amp.


I purchased the amp brand new from Garage 1217, and I had them assemble it, so it should qualify for their 2 year warranty. Here is more info on the amp:


I will include the stock tube, and also a 2nd tube that I purchased on ebay for $40 (Amperex 6201)


This sale includes:

Project Horizon amp

(2) tubes.. the stock tube and a 2nd NOS tube

Power supply


I am selling for $220 shipped (includes paypal fees)

I will sell the amp (without the 2nd upgrade tube) for $200

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