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Help for a cube dweller

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I'm new to the game, and need a starter set-up:


Primary Need: Work Head phones for drowning out ambient noise with music and doing VOIP conference calls (both music and calls will be done from a basic consumer laptop with no special audio card).  Need to be sensitive to cube mates (no leakage).


Secondary Need: Music and movies while traveling on an airplane using iPad or iPhone. 


Thinking ideal set-up is good closed circumaural headset (need a mic, but can I pull it off so I don't look like a dork when I don't have to) with a portable amp with enough power to serve to sets of headphones (two people watching a movie on the iPad on the plane).


Budget: $400


Can it be done?

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There is a varient of Sennhieser HD-25 with a mic. I would look into that. I don't remember the model number though. I would visit their website. It sounds perfect for your needs.

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Thanks KimVictor.


I checked out the site, and the HD25's are definitely in the running, but they are on ear instead of around the ear.  Do you think that I will notice much of a difference between them in either leakage or hear more ambient noise?


Also, I stumbled across the AntLion mike which if it works seems to make the mic requirement less important.  Would you stay with the same recommendation absent the mic requirement?




Anybody have feedback on the AntLion mic?

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If you like precise,tight,and strong bass. The M-100s might be for you. They can be a little tight at times,and if you have big ears they probably wont work. But they are pretty comfortable overall. (and they have a mic)

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Damn, from a features perspective these look nearly perfect. Would you recommend a portable amp with them or are they going to be ok on their own running from a laptop or iPad?

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I use my iphone for them,so they will do just fine.

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But if you want to get bigger and punchier bass,you could get a digizoid amp with the $100 you save on your budget. (if you aren't serious with your bass,don't get it. it may be a bit too much bass...) It's highly recommended by a very large amount of bassheads,even though i dont have one... (but i want one!)

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You've had me up for the past two hours reading reviews.  I think they look like the right set for me.  Do you know anywhere you can listen to them (they still not in the Big Box stores)?


Also, what about the cables they say they will use, can you buy the things anywhere (boom, y, etc.)

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You can plug just about any 3.5mm cable into it,so long as it fits into the whole (which is extremely big),and i have absolutely no idea where to listen to them at. They sound just about as good as anything i've listened to. You can watch innerfidelity's review on youtube,i think he'll clear up just about any question you have about them,glad i could help you out! They really are a phenomenal pair of cans.

Video review:

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