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The review of The Beatles by Piero in the first post is blatant self promotion. Critics have to be critics to make a writing job for themselves. That's OK as everyone needs to eat.

Still to realize that here at Head-Fi we now have kids who were not even around at the time of The Beatles shirt-tail onto such a farce and try to explain how they even have a real-life concept of what they are talking about is just silly.

Most posts here condemning the Beatles suffer from a very commen form of self importance. That's OK too as music is a personal thing which everyone enjoys in their own small way.

The truth is the impact they made will not even be able to be judged for another 50 years. The myopic view is still blurry as the nuclear bomb The Beatles detonated is still exploding out.

Still a thread like this is good fun, close to troll thread in concept it sells lots of web page advertising for Head-Fi. So it's all good, unless you choose to believe it as fact.
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Yikes, what a debate... Just had this one with the guitarist in my band.


The Beatles aren't the best band in the world. However, the fact that so many cite them as an influence and claim them as giving them ideas (and many including me do today) shows that they're one of the most important. They've shaped a half-century of music. Still today, in our pop, we can see influences that, when traced back, eventually started with The Beatles.


I don't think anyone argues that Harrison is the best guitarist or Paul the best bassist, however their ideas are what matter. Personally, I love their music, but even if you don't, I think it's undeniable that their style, experimentation, and creations were very important to music. Some may overrate The Beatles' musical abilities (though I think all of them were at least decent musicians and great singers), but their praise isn't overrated because of how influential they were due to their ideas that they brought to the rock genre.

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This is an age old debate, as @Redcarmoose said, re-ignited by an original post + article that verges on trolling. I'm not a fan of TB myself (hur hur), but having debated this with friends many many times before, I have been forced to concede their lasting influence on rock and pop. I still think their influence on contemporary music in general is overstated though: electronic music for instance, in all its forms, is far more indebted to Kraftwerk, and before that, the likes of Morton Subotnick, Steve Reich and Karlheinz Stockhausen, than it is to The Beatles.

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