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For Sale: Tube Damper Liqidation Sale! - Everything 50% Off!

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For Sale:
Tube Damper Liqidation Sale! - Everything 50% Off!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Large collection of tube dampers for sale!  I have sold all the amps these were meant for.  They are all in great condition and have barely been used.  Buy here at a discount over full-price from the web.


Herbie’s Audio Lab UltraSonic Rx Damping Instruments


“UltraSonic Rx Damping Instruments maintain the same microdynamic speed, linearity, and detail of Herbie's original UltraSonic, while going a subtle step further.  Besides reducing microphonic anomalies, Rx allows a freer musical flow, curing a harsh and stealthy "electronics factor" or "dryness" that ultimately ails even some of the most finely honed audio systems. Your tube gear will achieve a fluid, musical potential like it was designed to do.  Mildly spring-tempered titanium C-ring holds three modified PTFE isolation pads. Each pad holds a Kalrez perfluoroelastomer O-ring against the tube glass.”


Here are the quantities I have, their pre-tax/shipping retail price and my offering price.  See the HAL website for tube compatibility.


From bottom to top in the attached photo:


2 x UltraSonic Rx-7:                                                   $28/ea.                        $14 SOLD


4 x UltraSonic Rx-9:                                           $28/ea.                    $14/ea. SOLD


3 x UltraSonic Rx-25:                                               $29/ea.                        $15/ea.


1 x UltraSonic Rx-35:                                               $30/ea                        $15 SOLD


2 x UltraSonic Rx-50:                                               $30/ea.                        $15/ea.


1 x  UltraSonic Rx-65:                                              $33/ea.                      $18/ea. SOLD



Duende Criatura Dampers:


“Duende Criatura tube rings or tube dampeners considerably reduce distortion and self-oscillation from audio tubes. They have to be slid around the top part of the tube and where they reduce mechanical vibrations in the tube. The listener will notice improvement of three dimensional picture, a more controlled bass and cleaner sound stage.  Duende Criatura tube rings are made of pure Teflon and Titanium. Simply slide the ring over the top of a vacuum tube. They reduce mechanical vibrations and stabilize the operating temperature of the tube's filaments. This not only creates better conditions for the operation of vacuum tubes but also improves the tube's longevity.

The precision-machined Teflon base ring is very dense which provides excellent damping properties. They can withstand temperatures of up to 260 degrees, which is much higher than the operating temperatures of vacuum tubes ranging from 160 to a maximum of 220 degrees. A pure titanium clamp is used to provide a strong and stable pressure over the Teflon ring to increase the effect. Titanium has been used because tube circuits are sometimes sensitive to eddy currents. Titanium, unlike other metals do not carry induce eddy currents. Duende Criatura tube rings are very durable and last indefinitely.

All vacuum tube types and sizes in any part of a circuitry will benefit from Duende Criatura tube rings. For proper effect the rings should be placed around the top of the tube as shown in the photo. This will allow the tube to properly dissipate heat.”


Here are the quantities I have, their pre-tax/shipping retail price and my offering price.  See the Tubestore website for tube compatibility.



2 x 26-29mm                                    $38/ea.                        $19/ea. SOLD


2 x 19.5 – 22mm                              $34/ea.                        $17/ea. SOLD



Multiple orders welcome!

Buyer pays Paypal and shipping.

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I like to have pair. I have 6dj8 tube.
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  • sorry that would be the rx-9 and they are all sold out.
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