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Portable cans for hip hop

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Let me start off by saying that this is truly one of the most fun and informative sites/forums I've come across.


Therefore, I trust your judgement and I've done my fair bit of research to find a suitable set of portable cans for my needs. I currently own the Sony MDR 1R, which I enjoy very much around the house, They are very comfortable and sound really nice. That said, they aren't the greatest in terms of portability given the holes at the top of the earpieces and they can be a bit bulky to carry around. In terms of sound, they sound nice and warm with very good mids. I do however had to EQ them to get more bass response. Luckily my Cowon J3 has no problem with that, but ideally I'd want a bit more oomph.


Which brings me to my current quest. I listen to mostly hip hop (underground hip hop, so lyrics and details do matter, no boomy 808 songs will enter my skull) with some 60's/70's soul/funk mixed in. The Sony's handle the genres quite well, but I'm looking for something a bit more suited to that sound. Bass is very important for me as I want it to thump (controlled of course) and mids are as well as the vocals/lyrics need to be done justice. I'm not a big treble head so if they are smoothed out a little bit, I don't mind. So long as they are not piercing.


In terms of portability I'm looking for something that's not too bulky obviously, but I don't like something that's on-ear as comfort is really mandatory. If the headphones can fold up into a little bundle that'd be great as well, but it's not a deal breaker if they don't. Now for the tricky part, I live in the Netherlands and there's no way I can demo 99% for the headphones I see on these forums and most likely, I would have to import them if I do decide to buy. My budget is roughly $300, but I'm willing to stretch that if needed for import taxes, shipping, etc. (Just to give you an example of the amount of sucktitude I deal with in this part of the world; the only site that sells the V-Moda M100's, charge $450 for them.)


So there you have it. I've looked at the V-Moda M100 (worried about comfort), ATH WS99, ATH M50, ATH Pro 700MK2, Marshall Monitor, KEF M500, a couple of Ultrasones (hate their headband looks), so you get an idea of what I've been researching and taste in terms of looks.


All suggestions are welcome of course and looking foward to what you guys would advise.

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Maybe try the momentums, if the 1R doesn't suit your terms of portability, then maybe these might although they won't fold.

M100 probably has the best portable design for full-sized cans but their sound signature is not for everyone
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If the 1R didn't give you enough bass or isn't portable enough, then I doubt the Momentum is right for you.

Look into the UE 6000, it should be what you're looking for and should be in your price range.

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That depends on him if he wants to sacrifice anymore mids for more bass, then go with something else. I typically recommend the Custom One Pros for hip-hop as I find it to have enough bass and good enough mids but they wouldn't be anymore portable than the 1Rs...

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Try the JVC HA s500. Don't pay more than what you have to.
Seriously I hear they're great. Super fast, super detailed. But still warm and bassy. Perfect for hiphop imo
EDIT-oops I read on-ear, I guess you meant over ear.


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Originally Posted by wafflezz View Post

Try the JVC HA s500. Don't pay more than what you have to.
Seriously I hear they're great. Super fast, super detailed. But still warm and bassy. Perfect for hiphop imo
EDIT-oops I read on-ear, I guess you meant over ear.


I'm quite sure they don't have enough bass for the OP's music/preferences.


But they are excellent headphones for the money (about $60. in the USA -

that's what I paid, more or less...)

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The Ultrasones are nice but not very portable. M100 has the best sound of the ones you listed, followed by the WS99 for your genres of music, I'd get one of those 2 based on your price range. The Pro700MKii is also very good, it has more bass than the WS99 but less sound stage and clarity, if its significantly cheaper than the other 2 I'd go for that. 

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Thanks for the suggestions.


I'm really interested in the UE6000, but I fear they may lack bass impact.


To be quite honest, if I could get the M100's for a normal price, I'd probably have them already.


I'm going to look into the Audio Technica's a bit more, though.

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UE600 is awesome based on reviews, however If the 1R does not have enough bass for you, I doubt they do either. 

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The UE6000 has way more bass than the 1R, especially with ANC turned on.

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I think I've narrowed it down to the UE6000 and the M100. Still worried about the comfort issues of the V Moda's though and they are significantly more expensive than the Logitech's. XL pads might fix the comfort, but god knows when they are coming out.


About the UE6000, I've read mixed reviews on the ANC function and I have a feeling I won't use it that much, so how would these feel without the batteries in them? I can only imagine theor comfort level goes up.

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