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What is So Great About The Sansa + and Cowon Players?

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I always read about them being brought up on internet forums, but their reviews on amazon aren't that great. I was slightly interested in changing portable players, because I want to start listening to flac.

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Honestly they are not great!!! I have both J3 and Clip+, you will not be wowed when you hear them first. Of course, everything changes and you start appreciating how good was Cowan/Sansa players, once you start buying more mainstream players from Apple, Sony, etc and realise how great clip+ sounds comparable and sometimes even better than those players which costs lot more. So ultimately the respect comes from pricing, comparable to better sound to current market DAPs. The problem here is the bar is set to average from mainstream players, these guys beat them comfortably with good pricing. I don't have experience with audiophile players, which costs several times the cost of these players for supposed dramatic increase in sound quality more likely to beat Sansa/Cowon players.
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I also have both. Cowon is fun with bbe settings etc, but the clip rockboxed sounds pretty darn goodto me. I also have a ck4 which sounds best, but value wise, clip all the way.
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I have both (clip is something I bought recently). Prior to 2012, I was ONLY a Sony & Apple fanboy. (I'm still one)


The Cowon Z2 I bought mid 2012. Initially it had some hi-cups (heating & complete shutdown of the player). But for over 4 months I've had no problem with it. I like the fact it supports video files. The sound is truly amazing. Initially I thought an ipod + app sounded better than the Z2, but now I find the Z2 more towards a neutral side without bloated bass. Also it came packaged with additional accessories. The battery life for me has always been great after a full charge, I do use other players, so it is not the one & only I use.


The Clip (which I got at a great price) was something I couldnt pass without trying. If it werent for the deal, I would have never bought it, as it looks more like one of the pedometers. When I unboxed it, i was suprised of how small it is & thought of returning it. But when I put in a micro-sd card loaded, I was amazed of how LOUD it was. The sound was good but I found it full of bass. So I use it mostly with dance tracks. (The cowon for other genres)


I enjoy both for different genres.

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Yeah... I was reading about the clip +, and many people are saying that it is not built to last. I haven't read anything special about the sound, other than it offers EQ. It seems just to be great at $30, instead of great, period.


And the Cowons... well... there aren't may reviews. It doesn't seem like people really want those, and the screen appears to inferior.

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