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Thanks, Nazeem. I've been looking off and on for a good playback application and never came across foobar, weird. Anyway, I installed it and like its simple sophistication.


I'm surprised foobar hasn't been ported over to wp8, as it seems to be a native Windows app.

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How does the Momentum benefit from an amp? Shouldn't it be very easy to drive from portables? Just looking to hear other's impressions with it being amped. Tried them on at a local Best Buy and they fit me [read: ears] nicely. It's either these or HD600...

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I tried the Momentum on my Lumia 920 and found that it definitely needs an amp.

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I purchased a C&C BH2 amp from Shenzhen Audio, which arrived a week ago, a couple of weeks after placing the order.


Today I tested the AKG K-401s, the Sennheiser Momentums, PSB M4U 2s, and the AKG K-495 NCs. It worked really well and I'm very happy with the unit: the very small size, good control interface quality, and long battery life.


My only problem now is that all of my source music is MP3s and I cannot play flac on my WP8 Nokia Lumia 920 yet. Not until VLC for WP8 is released. I am tempted to buy the Colorfly source player, but I think that when VLC is released it will provide a good enough sound quality using flac.


In a competition between the Sennheiser Momentums, PSB M4U 2s, and the AKG K-495 NCs, the Momentums was an easy choice due to much better sound quality. The Momentums won't have the same isolation as the others, but even on an aircraft they will be good enough I think.


So, I'm pretty happy. Now VLC just needs to come out.

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Just encode your FLAC files to 320 MP3. Doubt you'd notice a difference.
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The Fiio E11 makes my Sennheiser Momentums sing! More volume, vibrancy, and slightly more forward mids. The Fiio E11 is a great match for warm headphones like the Momentum because it tends to make the music sound a bit brighter to my ears.
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The Momentum with the Fiio and a laptop or ipad mini sounds terrific. Sounds good on my galaxy 4s too, though not quite as good
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Originally Posted by potterpastor View Post

The Momentum with the Fiio and a laptop or ipad mini sounds terrific. Sounds good on my galaxy 4s too, though not quite as good


The iPhone's amp is good enough to drive the Sennheiser Momentum. But for laptop I use the DragonFly DAC/Amp.

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I second the AQDF for the Momentum, but at 18 ohms it is so easy to drive that any half decent amp will make it sound good.

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I just thought I would chime in to recommend the RSA P-51 Mustang Portable Head Amp. I bought one second hand and loved it with Ultrasone Edition 8's. Those cans sound pretty darn lovely off the bat, but through the P-51 it is mostly the mid-range that is noticeably liquified and resonant, with female voices especially. I am not so experienced with portable head amps, but can say that this one made a great thing sound greater, smoother for long term, tingle and goose bump inducing on dramatic music passages. In acoustic country and bluegrass music (which I love) it brought forward in volume and excitement instruments that were quite recessed before, like violin, guitar, flute, accordian. I do not recall much happening downstairs with the bass notes, however, and by memory this is consistent with other opinions of the portable Mustang. Better grab a full sizer if bass tune up is required. The Ed 8's provide good instrument separation and the amp really shined them all up and extended there notes. I moved it on, and the new owner loves it aswell- he uses it with P5's for travel and a tube Ray Samuels amp (forgot the name right now) with LCD 2's at home. I am actually thinking of grabbing some Momentums for travelling soon, as I am too worried about scratching up the Ed 8's- and so appreciate this thread. It has put me onto the C&C BH, thanks. The P-51 was for me a very satisfying amp, and one I shall make future comparisons with. 

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Not to hijack this thread, but I'm wondering if anyone is using a higher end DAC/Amp combo for the Momentum?


I'll mostly be using them at work, so I was thinking of putting together a pretty nice office system. Right now I'm looking at the Burson HA-160D, Muscal Fidelity M1 HPA, and the Benchmark DAC-1.


Is anyone using any of these amps with the momentums? I know they're easy to drive, would it be worthwhile to power them with a higher end piece like these, or would I just be throwing my money away?


I was basically looking in the $500-750 range. Should I be looking at $200 solutions instead?


Thanks for any insight.

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From my like 30 minutes on the Momentums yesterday, they sounded fine to my ears from a normal iTouch 4th gen playing FLAC. From that short time period of listening to the, I didn't really feel that it needed to be amped, but like most headphones could benefit from it. I wasn't really paying attention when I was listening... just enjoying the view of the wall of black that was my dead laptop waiting for it to charge.
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My Momentum is find with my AK120 + VC SDT, but again I am changing my setup to AK120->HiFi M8 LX-> AD XLR.

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Upgraded to a Fiio E12 and it elevates the Momentum even more than the E11 did
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