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For Trade:
ULTRASONE HFi 580 for trade with V MODA M-80

Will Ship To: USA

I'm putting up for trade a pair of Ultrasone HFi 580 for a pair of V Moda M-80. I have replaced the stock ear pads with a pair of NVX XRE100S ear pads. The stock earpads will also be included in the trade. These Ultrasone's are only mildly used, and have a couple of scratches on the shiny areas. These were purchased from Amazon on March of 2013. Everything that came with these headphones will be given in the trade. I am looking to trade my headphones, the replacement ear pads, the stock earpds, manuals, the travel bag, CD, and everything else that came in the Ultrasone box.  I am willing to trade all of this for a pair of V Moda M-80s(preferably lightly used condition) with everything included. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you in advance!