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Hey guys, I will have around £150 to spend after my IE80's sell, I can expand the budget a bit more if necessary.


I am looking for a pair of headphones suitable for gaming on PC and Xbox 360, the mic is not an issue as I will wear the standard mic around my neck and program the audio to come through the phones. On top of this I would like them to be good for music, I listed to a wide variety of music Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Indie, Trap, House, Rap and Hip Hop mainly.


I originally like the look of the ATH-M50's, they seemed perfect, apart from there small soundstage


Does anyone have any suggestions? They don't have to be portable as such, i have a basic pair of Shure Se-110's which offer all the sound quality and isolation i need on the move, but foldability would be a benefit.


As for how they will be powered, most likely through my old NAD amp, straight out the sound car, or straight out the tv for the xbox. The pc will be used a lot more than the xbox.


Finally, I would much prefer closed back to open, but if open are really beneficial for my needs I will consider them.


Cheers Guys