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I didn't intend to buy a new set of IEM when I saw a used pair for sale on eBay. I never tried Sony EX series before, so low price served as a catalizator for my decision to own these pair. Now I think I would pay twice more if I knew how good these are.




Build: housing is well-built, but the cable is thin and tangles easily. Though no microphonics. J-cord not for everyone.


Comfort: excellent for my ears. The housing is large in size, but light in weight. Sony hybrids I got was a good surprise.


Isolation: Almost no isolation :)) At low volumes you can clearly listen all noises around and even people talking to you.




Bass is tight, fast and punchy. The listener gets enough quantity of both sub-bass and mid-bass. Mid-bass carries less impact compared to JVC FXT90, but is faster and more detailed. Still not in par with HF5 in terms of speed and detail, but very good for a dynamic driver.


Mids are forward, very clear and transparent. Almost no coloration. Clarity is much better compared to JVC FXT90. It is very close to HF5 level. Vocals sound very natural. The best vocals I have ever heard I think. HF5 has exceptional clarity, but vocals sound like something artificial next to EX510. Detail is outstanding. Better than FXT90's due to less mid-bass. But single BA HF5 manages a little better in this part.


Treble carries plenty of energy. It can be called edgy. Extends much higher than with HF5 and FXT90. For sibilance sensitive people this kind of treble may be fatiguing, but it is good for me. Treble control lacks a little next to HF5. EX510 treble reminds me of FXD80. It seems like thousands of bright stars around you.


Soundstage has above average width and depth, both better than with FXT90 or HF5. Imaging is very good too. Better than FXT90's, and close to HF5 level.


Conclusion: EX510 is a good all around performer. It will fit most genres. I personally prefer it to FXT90. At low listening volumes HF5 is my usual choice. EX510 can be found both on amazon and eBay for around $70.

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