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Distortion problem with V90

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I've just encountered a distortion issue with my system that consists of the SA1.32 DAC that has two RCA outs (one into an integrated amplifier, the other into a Violectric V90). I only ever have one of these switched on at a time. The V90 is the newest component in this system.
Today I noticed the speakers connected to my integrated amp distorting quite severely. I switched off the DAC, PC and integrated amp and switched them back on again. I started playing music again and I could still hear distortion.
Next, I pulled the RCA's out of the V90 and the distortion from the integrated amp and speakers went away. So I tried plugging the V90 into another power point, but as soon as I plugged the RCA's back in to the V90(switched off), the distortion came back on the speakers.
In fact, even with the V90 power lead removed there is still distortion.
I tried to replicate the distortion with another headphone amp in place of the V90, but could not.
It seems the trigger for the distortion from integrated amp and speakers is the plugging in of RCA's into the V90(switched off).
I tried one last thing, I switched on the V90 and integrated amp at the same time... And the distortion from integrated amp went away!
So, I have concluded that the switched off V90 in the chain, is causing distortion on the integrated amp.
Have you guys encountered anything like this? Any ideas?
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Strange problem, but first thing that comes to my mind is ,,,, does the V90 short its inputs when switched off?

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You may want to try moving the ground lift jumpers on the inside of the V90 as it may be bleeding ground signal noise back into the system when its in passive mode... The v90 doesnt have coupling so ground current could flow through it when it is powered off.

That is all I could give you... Other than that just keep it powered on, or maybe use the preout from the v90 to run signal to the integrated... See if that help.
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