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Anyway, conclusion is i will not be dissapointed on trance and techno music?


Iphone will not be having problems powering those right?



I recently compared aluminum version to classic HD 25 1-ii, and this advantages over aluminum are kinda weird. check it out:




Aluminum version doesnt have neodymium magnet ? neodymium supposed to have punchier bass?

Aluminum version has no stereo speakers while 1-II has?

and lol for the top of advantages the wrote aluminum version isnt on ear while hd25 1-II is?


What the hell? Are these informations right? i was sure drivers are the same in both, now this... If these facts are right, i presume classic 1-II version is better for techno house dance music?

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Originally Posted by danilolesnik View Post

Btw, Are HD 6,7 or 8 rly over ear version of HD 25? because i have secound thoughts about on ear comfort :confused_face_2:  i know on ear are smaller, more mobile, but with worse soundstage. I am also looking at Denon AH D600, but i cant try them before buying,...


Hi danilolesnik,


The HD6, HD7 and HD8 are our new over-ear DJ/mixing models. They are not the bigger versions of HD 25 though they share a similar sound signature. 

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Sory for using these topic for my questions.


Today i tested HD 25 SP, and they were unacceptably quiet. They are even 10 ohms lower impedance than 1-ii or aluminium. I am talking about volume lvl. I connected them to my xperia, which has kinda bad battery. Maybe that explains low voume? Or they need amp for normal (not quietly normal :) listening?  I hope im not ruining ur topic about aluminium. Otherwise delete this post

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