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For Sale:
Interest Check - T50RP Rastapants 2, Toronto Canada

Will Ship To: Canada, USA, local pickup

After getting the ATH-W5000, I no longer have much of a use for these!

Right now I'm just seeing if there is anyone interested.

They are the T50RPs modded to the Rastapants 2 config, with Stax O2 Pads.

Here's a short summary of them compared to the Mad Dogs with the alpha pads. This is mostly from memory, I have not compared them side by side since I have only modded these after selling my Mad Dogs in late April.  I'd say that these match the Mad Dogs in terms of sound stage and detail, and possibly excel over the Mad Dogs in decay and speed. The bass has a bit more slam, and it feels that there is a smoother transition to the upper midrange. The treble remains a bit recessed on both models. When I put the Dog Pads on them, their frequency response is very similar to the Mad Dogs.

The pads are still in great condition and there are only micro scratches on the cups, I have installed the Mr Speakers comfort strap, and it comes with the stock cable and box. At the moment, I am looking for $200 CAD or best offer, shipping + paypal to anywhere in North America should not be more than $20.

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