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Hi There DIYers,

                       I am converting my Beyerdynamic T1 to detachable cabe and making a single ended / balanced cable for them to team up with a custom amp. I have gone with a mini XLR socket in each earcup and as far as I am aware you could not have a true balanced connection to a pair of headphones because it is supposed to have the + and - sent in opposite phase and then recombined so headphones won't do that but I have taken some of the ideas from a balanced connection. They have separate positive, negative and shield connections rather than negative shield. 

I have gone for teflon coated 19 strand SPC cable as I have some knocking around and can not afford pure silver. I have connected 2 cables to + and 2 to - so I have a 28 strands in total for each and a bit of redundancy so if one breaks there is a second conductor as SPC can be a bit more brittle than copper but it is probably just a bit over engineering. Then the + and - are seperately shielded with tin plated copper which will be grounded in the amp and kept separate for the negetive. Then I have twisted and braided the cable from there down and it will be terminated the other end with standard XLR jacks. I know it is heavy and impractical and I will also make a lighter one with a standard jack but can anyone think of anything else I should have done to improve it or anything I may have done wrong along the way.


Any help - feedback or advice will be greatly appreciated


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