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For Sale:
Ray Samuels Audio HR-2 Headphone amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

killer solid state amp. drives everything but k1000s and he6s beautifully, currently sells new for $875.

these drove my Grado RS1i, Beyer T1, Etymotics, hd25ii, hd800, w3000anv with great finesse, prat, fantastic bass and a slightly more tube like sound than most ss amps. only selling because i've been convinced that even though my LCD3s sound great driven by this 2 piece unit, I can spend $1,000 and get a bit more from them. If you need an amp that is the very high end of what what you can get under $1,000 - this is the least you can get one for. There is NO other used amp for $500 that even comes close.