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Sennheiser Amperior review/thoughts

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I've owned the Sennheiser Amperior for about a month and a half. I got these headphones for 175 dollars used, and I don't feel they're worth the money for me.Before I begin, I'd like to start off by saying some positive things so I don't come off as just bashing these things. I think they're very pretty headphones and they feel well made. They're fun to hold in your hands and appreciate the aluminium cups. They do have a rather quick and sharp sound. That's where I think the good ends. 


Wearing them becomes very uncomfortable after around 30 - 60 minutes of use. My ears get very hot/sore wearing these. I find that they are too aggressive for the metal music I listen to. I think there's too much bass and they don't have enough detail, especially for metal music which has walls of sound and there's not enough separation. For any music I think they sound too congested. I prefer a bit more soundstage. They may sound 'fun' at first, but I think these headphones, aside from the fact that they're uncomfortable, aren't easy to enjoy music with, they're just too bright and congested. 


- Minor Gripes:


-The swivel function for the ear piece is useless.

-The detachable cable is a bit bulky and thumps against my chest when I wear them for running. I supposed that these would be good for running because they're supposed to stay on your head very well, but my other headphones, the Bose AE2 actually stay on my head better when running, which I have used for running in for years (which are also vastly more comfortable headphones).

-You can't lay down with these headphones, even facing up on a pillow, because the ear cups fall off your ear breaking the seal. They don't actually stay on your head as well as you might think.

-When it's windy or when I'm riding my bike outside I can hear wind blowing against the ear cups, which actually makes it hard to hear the music. That is really annoying.


Thanks for reading.

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Seems you havn't been to lucky on you purchases lately... I seem to remember your journey into the HE-400 not ending that well...

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updated OP. Did a review in the reviews section too.

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