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DIY headband pad for Sennheiser HD 565

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Hi all, my very first post in your great community!


Having recently acquired a set of HD565 and got stuck in finding a headband pad which I have read here is no longer available. Also read that the HD580/HD600 headband pad can be used with “spacers” but I thought I would go the DIY way instead.

Materials used:


  1. Black velour stripe (approx. 20cm X 25cm)
  2. Foam block (approx. 20cm X 5cm, thickness 2,5cm)
  3. Plastic (PVC?) stripe (21cm X 2,45cm thickness 0,8mm)
  4. Contact adhesive glue
  5. Pins
  6. Utility knife


I will let the photos do (most of) the talking, but I will share some tips below




I cut/formed the foam to the shape of the headband, going with a straight piece will give you a lot of wrinkles at best case.






An “H” shape was cut in the middle of the stripe, shown in photo the version with a solid center which didn’t worked out well. It was used to pass the fabric on the back side, to form the fabric’s end shape and to stretch the fabric.





Velour I used can handle some stretching on one direction but a lot of stretching on the other direction, not sure if this is characteristic of all velour fabrics.

It does need some stretching, I think I should have stretched it more as the final placement has caused some wrinkles.


Methodology was: pass the fabric, stretch, secure with pins at the back side, repeat stretching and securing and when you are happy with the result apply glue to the mating surface of fabric to plastic stripe.







I also applied some glue to the back after I cut the excess fabric, but you need to be careful as fabric is on tension and may slip out. Tolerances are small so you need to keep the back side clean otherwise the adjusters may have troubled moving.






In place




Comments, recommendations, questions are all welcome.


PS. I have started a “DIY earpad for Sennheiser HD 565”  as a matter of fact for the 545, 580, 600, 650 as well, which I believe is going great. I could use some worn out earpads of above models to finalize the guide as I am using the plastic parts of the worn out earpads.


Earpad donations are most welcome, pm me if you are willing to help.

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No pics posted

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Unfortunately I have no right for posting pictures yet; I guess when I will  have some more posts pictures will appear.

If you provide me with an email address I can email them to you.

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Thead update, photos should appear now.

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