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Headphone amp

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Hi, Is the Harman Kardon PM655 Vxi have a good headphone output ? I have it for free so why not use it as a headphone amp as i don't need a portable one.

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If you already have it, why not try it and see how it sounds?
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I've already try it, sound good but my headphone clip if I push the volume too much as I don't know what is the output in mw, I'm used to work with speakers and amps and so easy to have a matching combo of speakers vs amp. I just find that there is not enought info with headphone

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I'm still not sure what your problem is. I've owned a number of HK receivers over the years, as well as other speaker amps and headphones amps, and they almost all will clip if the volume is turned up enough, assuming the input signal is not very weak. That's not a flaw in the amp.
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Thank you

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