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Ok I am actually asking about 2 things here - cans and amps. Not sure if I should post it here or in the amps forum.

While window shopping at a headphones store, I came across the beyer 501 and fell in love with the design and price tag. After reading good reviews here and elsewhere, I want to own these cans. I have read somewhere that with only 32ohms impedance, these particular cans do not really need amplifiers to drive. But I am wondering if the SQ can be further improved if I use a portable amplifier....I am thinking of budget ones like the CmoyBB, Fiio E11 etc. the E12 is way beyond my budget though.

I will be using these cans on an iPod Nano G6 by the way. I have the Fiio E5 but I couldn't hear any difference when pairing with my Brainwavz M4. So my question is, do I need to get a portable amp to compliment the Beyer 501 with iPod nano. If yes, what are the best options?

I am just looking for pure amps, not DACs as I already have the ATH-M50 and Senn HD201, both sounded good on my desktop with the Rolls MX22s.