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Vamp Versa? vs others stuff

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Soooooo this thing looks pretty cool and its a USB and iPod DAC? Making it the cheapest iPod DAC and amp combo pretty much? and no need for rubberbands...


How does this thing perform compared to an HP-P1 or the algorithumlabs solo or what ever?


Also this is going to work with the iPhone 5? Making it like the only thing that does? or am I behind the times and other things work on the iPhone 5? I'm planing on combinding my iPod and Phone into and iPhone 5/6 soon so yeah...

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The first vamp seemed like a joke at $400 but this one seems like a good value.


And do any amp's work with the iPhone lightning conector besides this??

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I don't owned Verza but customized Go-Dap X that should be very similar to Verza in term of performance. The main difference between Verza and my X is OpAmp. Vmoda choose OPA1612 for Verza but mine is LME49860, same as in Sony PHA-1. Verza or X should fall a little bit behind HP-P1 but consider its price and form factor, that's a bang for a buck.


Verza should work fine with lightning connector. There are other iDevice DAC/Amp that will work with lightning connector such as, VentureCraft Go-Dap X, ADL X1, Centrance HiFi-M8, Sony PHA-1.


For CLAS, both Verza and X will be further behind. If you need iDevice DAC other than CLAS, I recommend VentureCraft Go-Dap DD Socket 1 LE. Single end mode is as goog as CLAS but still can't compare to the CLAS when it's running in balanced mode.


Lightning connector is digital only but there is a way to convert those digital signal to analog. Apple lightning adaptor is equipped with Wolfson DAC, so it will be able to convert digital signal to any amp you choose.


For further impression on Verza, please go to Verza thread.



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