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For Sale: FS: ATRIO MG7

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere



(SOLD)EARSONICS SM64:  Owned for about three months.  In great condition and an incredible sound earphone.  One of my favorites of all time with superb audio bliss.  Comes with Original packaging and most of the tips as pictured as well as one of the yellow shure foams as pictured.  $315 shipped including paypal to lower $48.  ADD $20 anywhere else.(SOLD)


(SOLD)WESTONE UM3X RC: Owned as well for about three months and hardly used.  Maybe 15 hrs if that.  Really mint condition comes with original star tips and foam tips along with the accessories/disc.  Original packaging.  $235 shipped to lower 48 add $20 anywhere else. (SOLD)


ATRIO MG7: Sparsely used and in great shape.  Not many hours on these.  Burned in though and the sound is great.  Really love this phone.  Comes with packaging and the original generous tip selection as shown.  $90 shipped to lower 48 add $20 anywhere else.


Thanks for looking please pm with all inquiries and questions!   Only selling these to finance camera gear has nothing to do with how lovely these are!

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Are the sm64 the revised pair or are they from the first original batch
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I'd be interested in knowing the same. Always wanted to hear the V1.
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It was the version 2 fellas sorry for not seeing this earlier!  It's gone now!

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Interested in the Atrios. shipped to UK.

Got a receipt for warranty? Atrios always seem to fail me after a year.

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I do have a receipt but warranty doesn't apply on a used item.
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Do you still have the atrios?

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