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I am looking for a fairly small combo that I can use with my Retina MacBook Pro. I would like a very nice pair of portable headphones, as well as a small DAC and AMP (or all-in-one) to go along with it.


I have had many different systems, so I like to think my ears are fairly discerning.


I've had LCD-3's with a Schiit Gungnir/Mjolnir, I've had HD650's with a Bottlehead Crack, among other, cheaper options. I quite like the HD650 and the Panasonic RP-HJE900, I still have both. I really like the sound signature of the LCD-3.


I like a lot of music, and I frequently use Spotify, though I have a nice library of lossless music with some 96/192kHz stuff from HDtracks thrown in. I listen to a lot of Brazilian music, I love jazz, I also like some mainstream music.


I like a nice, detailed, well-balanced sound signature, though not too analytical, I did not like the Etymotic HF5's at all. 


I would be ok with both in-ear and over-ear headphones, just as long as they're very good. I would appreciate it if the DAC could do all the way up to 192kHz, but it's not a complete dealbreaker. I have been thinking about the Dragonfly, but I may want something a bit more high end than that.


I appreciate all recommendations, feel free to recommend something a bit cheaper also.


I just want a nice, portable system that sounds very good and works nicely together.