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Klipsch seeking a Mechanical Design Engineer

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Klipsch is looking for a Mechanical Design Engineer with experience in headphones. We are posting this on Head-Fi because we believe that some of the most knowledgeable people in the world of headphones reside in these forums.


Klipsch is a wonderful company to work for and we would love to have you as part of the team!


Click here to go to the official application page. 


Klipsch Group, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of high-performance speakers, headphones and other entertainment products for homes, professional cinema and commercial venues, is seeking a Mechanical Design Engineer for our corporate headquarters located on the northwest side of Indianapolis, Indiana.


The primary purpose of this position is for the execution of design, documentation, procurement and performance of mechanical components and assemblies used in the fabrication and assembly of headphones, both in-ear and on-ear, and associated products and equipment, as well as other loudspeaker-related products.


Responsibilities include the following:

  • Mechanical product design, specifications and documentation
  • Mechanical skill center activity and coordinated team efforts with all other skill centers, including electronics, acoustics, safety, product management, industrial design, etc.
  • Component procurement support, component analysis and effectiveness
  • Vendor support, including design and manufacturing support, corrective actions, etc.

Required experience as follows:

  • Knowledge and displayed experience in 3D CAD, preferably SolidWorks
  • High level of judgment, exceptional analytic ability and creativity in investigation of major design problems
  • Performance of complex tasks requiring extensive knowledge of department's work
  • Strong communication skills
  • Direct design interaction with domestic and international suppliers
  • Minimum 3 years relevant experience in a mechanical engineering design position, preferably in ME design of headphones
  • BSME; MSME a plus


International travel will be required for this position.

Klipsch is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Click here to go to the official application page. 

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Excuse me for commenting on your post. I know nothing about headphone engineering but I do know something about design. I believe that the two disciplines should be separate. You've stated that you are looking for, "Knowledge and displayed experience in 3D CAD, preferably SolidWorks". If you can find a brilliant headphone engineer; someone who can push the envelope of sound reproduction than the knowledge of 3D CAD should be mute. As far as design is concerned, please, at least for me, this is sacred. Don't be penny wise but pound foolish. I started a very controversial thread. Check it out: 



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David, I don't think you understand what a design "engineer" does; it is not an industrial design position.
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I love my job, but I think I may apply anyway. At least I wouldn't be shunned at work for carrying a ~$1000 portable headphone rig! Time to straighten up the resume.

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Heh, this is cool, I like that they are posting this here.  If I was looking I would probable apply...but I do not want to move back to Indianapolis...oh well.  They have listed this correctly also, any company looking for an employee would list what the ideal candidates experience would be, you will rarely get the perfect fit, but it does happen.  And yes, this is not an ID position but they will need to interact with the ID department and understand how to, um, handle them,wink_face.gif to get the product functional and still aesthetically appealing.

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I applied for this position.  I'm currently about an hour and 20 minutes from Indy and am very interested in working as a design engineer for Klipsch.  I know they closed out the posting August 3rd.  Has the position been filled? 

I have 7 years experience in Automotive.  I would love to interview for this amazing position.




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So did a head fi'er actually land this gig? It would be cool to hear from them after living in headphone nirvana for a couple of months.

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