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"Very Best" DJ Headphone <$500? - Page 5

Poll Results: Best DJ Headphones Quality + Comfort <$500

  • 4% (3)
    Ultrasone DJ1 Pro
  • 1% (1)
    Allen & Heath XD2-53
  • 13% (8)
    Pioneer HDJ-2000
  • 27% (17)
    V-Moda Cross Fade M-100
  • 42% (26)
    Senheisser HD-25 II
  • 9% (6)
    Other (please specify below)
61 Total Votes  
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I don't need isolation; I don't think... but, two factors, for your consideration, Armaegeis. I'm not sure what different headphone types are like in terms of isolation, hence all this info ... I'm trying to put things into concrete terms.


Factor one: Though my window is pointing out towards Yonge street, one of the busiest streets of Toronto, downtown and I hear whole bunch of stuff like frequent sirens and motorcycles, large and a constant stream of vehicles, party people by night, and constant construction by day, but so far ambient noises don't really bother me, I kind of enjoy being at the center of activity.


Factor two: It might be good to hear things which are happening like smoke detectors, things like that, because I'll need to know if there's emergencies; I also need to make sure that my neighbors are well in terms of health, many things might go wrong and I have to be aware of that as I'm the one is able to help. There's only one neighbor beside me, separated by a one inch wall, and three living below me. If I can be sure that my neighbor beside is well, that he's not sick or falling over, and he's a rather big man. Either way, he won't know if I have my headphones on or not because he has severe hearing impairment. 



Budget, well, the Philips' apparently are great for electronic music, and it's  ~$600, not $500 ... and I really do believe investments, which take a few months to save up for, given my current budget, is worth saving for/repaying slowly on credit. So I'd be happy to pay for anything less than luxury... I would be a lot happier if they would cost around the price of the Marshall's or the V Moda's, so $130-$300; which seem much reasonable because they shall burn less of a hole in my wallet, which is good ... with all that stated, the most important factor is excellence not price for me.


The last factor is I would prefer not to buy an amp ... there's just too little desk space for the controller + laptop to also have an amp.

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Visit this place... http://www.headfoneshop.com/

3409 Yonge St


Will you be wearing these headphones out at all? or strictly for home use?

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I shall visit! Thanks for the tip!


Strictly at home ... so I'll buying two: home and DJing (for outdoor parties, mostly) ... both are important to me.


I won't be travelling with the home headphones, except for maybe a coach bus once in a while. I like being aware of my environment as I walk, as I'm not that aware; so there's no need to have pedestrian headphones.

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Ok, so for the portable/DJ end: stylish, rugged, good isolation, strong bass and treble, amp not necessary. Plenty of option to choose from and we've covered most of them already. 


For home use, you've mentioned you're ok and might prefer open backed, and if you're going to be mixing then you'll want something with a more neutral frequency response. What hardware/software are you using?


The "old school" trio which are pretty good for mixing and audiophile use alike are the AKG K701/702, Beyerdynamic DT880, and Sennheiser HD600/650. They all like to have some extra amping power behind them though. The Focusrite VRMbox mentioned earlier is nice for most consumer headphones, but not quite up to snuff with these three. A jump up would be the Saffire Pro24 DSP (firewire) which has more power and a lot of hardware functionality, but I don't know if that's something that you would use or if it would be overkill. 

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Yes, I think we covered DJ headphones quite well. Thank you! smile.gif


I have strictly two pieces of hardware. 


1. Lenovo B560 laptop, I have Windows Media Player/iTunes, Windows 7; I'll be learning to mix more and more organically as my library grows.

2. Pioneer DDJ SX, which uses Serato DJ.



I'm thinking the best I can do is to get the Marshall Major 50 FX for everything to do with on ear; I think I went on a tangent when I began to look for audiophile headphones, sorry Armageis.


inthere, I believe your word when you say that they are better sounding than the M100's ... I think right now I'm deciding between them. You say that they are less loud and less bassy; have you ever DJ'd with them? Do you think I would have to upgrade to the M100's if I were to play in a louder environment?


If anyone could help me to size up these two along with the German Maestro's then I think my mind will be made up, finally, as to which one's to purchase.


So it narrows down to two/three:

Marshall Major FX50

German Maestro 8.300D

V Moda M100


... any recommendations given list of genres (few pages before this one)? I think you said, inthere, that V Moda's are better given the list that wrote up ... but I'd like to a have a clear answer ... these are all very different from each other. To listen + mix with first, then later on, maybe a year later to DJ (perhaps with another one from this list, if so, please recommend this course of action). I'm not too bright when it comes to this sort of thing. lol


As for monitors, I think I'll be buying a pair of Pioneer S-DJ08 speakers in a few months.


Thanks for your patience, all your input has been great to me...smile.gif



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Unfortunately I have no experience with the Marshall or GM, so I can't offer any insight on those. I predominantly use my Pioneer HDJ-2000, or on rare occasion a modded Fostex T50rp (though the latter is too bulky to take portably so it mostly stays at home). For home use I have an HE-6, which is in a different class entirely rolleyes.gif


edit: after looing up the GM, I remember now that it's a similar cousin to the DBI pro which I am familiar with... and really did not like


Making a blind recommendation though... I'd say just go with the Marshall. The graphs seem good, it's light and portable, and importantly is also quite affordable and probably easier to find in stores. 

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Luck you! rolleyes.gif


I can't find the Marshall Major 50 FX's on Amazon Canada, but it won't hurt to ask around in Toronto.


Thanks for everything!

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Oh yeah, trying to find stuff in Canada can be a pain sometimes. Check out any local music/guitar centres nearby as well, which should have headphones in stock. Long & McQuade has a decent selection. For portables there... AKG K81/181, Sony 7506, Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro/DT1350, Pioneer HDJ-500/2000, Sennheiser HD25/Amperior, Shure 440/840/750, etc. Prices may not be the greatest, but that's what pricematching is for. 

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I DJ'd with the FX 50's the 1st night I got them, even though a DJ friend begged me not to because "they sound too good!"

They were great and I didn't blow them at max input volume on a Pioneer DJM 800 mixer for a 2 hour set.

The only thing is I've never really analysed them as possible DJ headphones because from the 1st moment I heard them I decided they were my go-to portables forever.

I am extremely tough on headphones and they are very durable. Never a short in any of the cables which is the most important factor for me when you talk about durability. The ONLY problem I have with the Majors is the gold lettering wears off after a time, which is purely cosmetic, but it's the only reason I gave my 2 pairs of Majors away.

I have gotten shorts in the cabling of every pair of V-Modas I have ever owned EXCEPT the M-100's. But I haven't really put them through heavy usage yet.
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I spotted the Major FX 50 by chance at a local store two days ago and tried them. They sound very good and pronounced, indeed and clamp and isolate well. Personally I didn't find them comfortable enough for prolonged use, though (combination of strong clamping force and stiff, non-swiveling, supraaural earcups).

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everyones telling me the sennheisers are like the industry standard. that's what i'm planning on getting as well.

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For all those who said Sennheisers, after much consideration, I found a great deal ($150 CDN sale) and purchased a  pair of new amperiors.


There was a real head to head here on the poll between the the Sennheiser HD25-II's and the V-Moda M100's. After doing some research I've realized that the Senn's are the DJ headphone while the M100's are for the streets and for home listening. Great products, both, but they're for different purposes; plus to get the best out of a V-Moda M100, you'll have to purchase a amp/dac.


Now, I realize that some purists would say that HD25-II's are better than Amperiors, because of cost and the thinness of the amperiors cord, but the cord can be upgraded, or you can swap it with another, such as a Philips Fidelio L1 (if someone could tell me how to do this without getting the headphone itself, it would be much appreciated). As many people note, the amperiors just sound better than the plastic ones because of more solid construction. I say, that the legacy of the HD25-II's is found in the Amperiors, but Amperiors just have that slight edge, and if you find a deal such as this (I got mine from best buy), then why not go for something better?


I also know that the HD26's are coming out, sooner or later. I often checked for a week or two a head to head comparison between Amperiors and HD26's but it was too early to know because there's hardly any reviews out there; I'm thinking, and I could be wrong, that since HD26's are based on the HD25-II's, and are plastic, Amperiors do best those too; the advantage that HD26's have is that they won't blow your ears out (with that 105dB safety setting), and they're more soft and cushy. But my Amperiors are cushy enough for long listening, so no complaints ... though I did almost blow my ears out the first time I used the amperiors, accidentally for just one second the setting was way to high, but the drivers didn't blow.


A question of clarity for those who know, is there a difference between the HD25 Aluminum and the Amperiors, I'm thinking one came out after the other, or different countries call these same products different things. Am I right? Or is HD25-II aluminum's short hand for Amperior? Huh.

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I believe the Amperior has different drivers.

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Hi folks. Has anybody have experience with the following cans, in comparison with say, any of the headphones in Pioneer's HDJ range?


1) Technics RP-DH1200

2) Denon DJ HP1000

3) Ultrasone DJ1 PRO



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Originally Posted by Malevolent View Post

Hi folks. Has anybody have experience with the following cans, in comparison with say, any of the headphones in Pioneer's HDJ range?


1) Technics RP-DH1200

2) Denon DJ HP1000

3) Ultrasone DJ1 PRO




1) Haven't heard this one

2) I believe it's the same as the Audio Technica Pro700 (mk1). Plenty of reviews around on that one.

3) I've heard an Ortofon DJ headphone which was apprently a rebadged Ultrasone DJ1. It... wasn't a good experience.

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