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"Very Best" DJ Headphone <$500?

Poll Results: Best DJ Headphones Quality + Comfort <$500

  • 4% (3)
    Ultrasone DJ1 Pro
  • 1% (1)
    Allen & Heath XD2-53
  • 13% (8)
    Pioneer HDJ-2000
  • 27% (17)
    V-Moda Cross Fade M-100
  • 42% (26)
    Senheisser HD-25 II
  • 9% (6)
    Other (please specify below)
61 Total Votes  
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I am looking for the "Very Best" DJ Headphone, esp. Sound Quality and Long Term Use Comfort, <$500.00 ... one step below luxury, most like in the $250-$350 range, but willing to pay more.


I think Ultrasone DJ1 Pro is the best ... but I'm not certain at all.

I've learned that Ultrasone DJ1 Pro are better than Allen & Heath XD2-53 which I almost committed to.


I've also learned that Allen & Heath is XD2-53 is better or equal to Pioneer HDJ-2000 in sound quality but the Pioneer's are more comfortable (memory foam) and are stronger (magnesium alloy).


Also, was interested in V Moda Cross Fade M-100, but it's not the best/most accurate Sound Quality ... it has some contenders which I haven't researched enough.


Senheisser HD-25 II many DJ's prefer, but they are best for the studio than for the DJ booth ....


Are there any better option(s)???


What's your informed opinion??? :)


Looking for the very best and final answer, hope to see a discussion here.... thank you!




Tweakings, a junior/rookie member.

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"Very Best" DJ Headphone

What about ath pro700mk2 ?
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Ultrasone Pro 900?

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The big Tiesto AKG for over ear, HD 25-1-MKII for on-ear.

For me at least.
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pro 700 mk2
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Maestro gmp 8.35d?

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Originally Posted by Tweakings View Post

Ultrasone Pro 900?

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One of the reason why the senns are so popular is because they are sturdy and have a clean and accurate sound.


From what I know dj's need:

durability (because they travel and headphones breaking and being replaced become expensive as well as using them a lot( moving the earcups around for mixing and such))

Isolation (so that the sound coming from the speakers or house doesn't interfere with their mixing and cueing the next song)

Comfort for long hours of use

Low distortion at high volumes.

Bass for cut through rhythm  detection.

dj functional( able to have an earcup move)


What I have personally heard and have had:

Pioneer hdj 2000

 scores well in all of those categories except bass extension. The bass is hard but doesnt reach low. It also needs and amp to be driven loudly but good out of dj equipment and also sound decent from an ipod etc .  The durability s decent. Mine didnt break but I'm not a dj and havent used them for rigorous applications. I have heard the hinges can break but durability  loses to the german maestro or the senns hd. I really love the look and  sound of minus the very low bass. The sound is kinda dark but still detail and clear. More dark than the german maestro wich is slighty dark.

The headphone swivel on these headphones have proven to be almost useless for the dj

The isolation on these are also fair but nothing to really talk about. They do beat some in isolation but the leak a little and you can hear a little.

They were very comfortable

German maestro 8.35d

The bass extends really low but is not super strong or anything. The have a balanced sound but are very full sounding and slightly dar.k.  The mids are kinda forward.

They are super durable and I would say that I have not seen a hp more durable than these period. They are not made for dj'ing but tick a lot of the boxes necessary for dj hp's. They isolate better than just about any hp as well. They dont let sound in or out. They also like the pioneers can go high volumes without much distortion but I would say the pioneers are stronger in that area. They are also more sibilant than the pioneers.

The headphones do not swivel but most djs dont really need that. They pull the earcup back. I would say that the sennheiser hd 25 II are better in that area because though they dont swivel the thin headband is more flexible.

They are pretty comfortable but can get sweaty and warm quicker than the hdj 2000's.


What I have researched.

The v moda leaks a bit but isolates fairly well. The bass is deep and stronger than all of these headphones mentioned. graphs show this. These are becoming popular for dj's but appear to me more for the consumer than the professional though it seems to tick the boxes.


The ultrasones i havent heard or researched that much but know that the bass is actually condemned in general by bassheads or praised by those who are tired of too much bass. So I dont see how those are practical for djs.


All I can say is that If I was a professional dj I would have two headphones. One for functionality and dependability (senns or germans) and one for looks and enjoyment that can also do the job. After all presentation shows you are serious about your craft and that would go to the Pioneer hdj 2000's(black) or Vmoda's. All four of them sound really good. My two would be germans and vmoda.


Sorry if i put too much here.

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that is the ultrasone dj I heard doesnt have bass. But the pro 900 is a different story altogether.

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Thank-you very much, grizzlybeast! I just saw your update! It's very informative. I would like to go professional, as I have a professional Digital DJ controller (Pioneer's DDJ-SX) but for me, it really doesn't matter how the hp looks like, it's rather it's function and comfort. I'll be practicing many hours on this controller before taking it to public, and I'll be listening to a lot of tracks in the mean time. I am still not sure: senns or germans or pro 700 mk2 or pro 900 ... I'm just feeling this through right now and I think pro 900.confused.gif


Any further thoughts, suggestions, reinforcements pro or against previous comments ... anyone? smile.gif

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some research...

the pro700mk2 carries much more bass than the pro 900, which is more clear and fine tuned with good bass, but not the massive bass of the pro700mk2 ...

it seems that pro 900 is a winner over pro700mk2 because clarity is much more important, in all things, in all ways, at all times in communication, than "power." - I think.


The senns, I've read earlier, are better "in the studio" rather than "at the event," so they're out.

And, grizzlybeast, thank you for clarifying about the Pioneer's, it's given me a greater sense that they're not they're not the perfect one's.


Also, I've read on a head-fi.org review that 8.35D although they don't match the pro 900's dynamics, mid range, and soundstage, they are smoother than the pro 900's and are almost as detailed in all areas except bass. they have a punchy bass, have a lot more warmth, and "groove" slower than the Pro 900's with their stockpads ... all in all they are completely different (like a left brain/right brain difference) but they both make all music sound good.

h/t oqvist.


can someone help me understand this left/right brain analogy? if it's basically the same idea as the pro 900 vs pro800mk2 i'm choosing pro 900; although the oqvist said they are equally good. it seems, given my research, the best DJ headphones would either be the maestro 8.35D or the Ultrasone Pro 900.

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I know you have read that the senns are in studio but they are extremely popular amongst djs and probably the number one pick. That was probably just one opinion about studio application use. \But the same exact thing can be said about the germans. The germans are studio monitoring hp's. I wouldnt sell my self short by only picking dj hp's for djing. Though many others wont work for djing the senns and germans would more than work.  The senns are infact more practical slightly for djs because of their flexible design. But the Germans are very similar in terms of functionality. Its like a slightly stronger built, bulky, better isolating senn. The sound differences might be researchable. I would research the build quality of the ultrasones.


good luck

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I was about to write "correct me at any time if you think I'm going down the wrong path," ... Thank you for your well wishes.

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Pioneer HDJ-2000 > PRO700MK2

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Pro700mk2>hdj anything
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