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Also joker did excellent work reviewing a variety of iems, hope this will help.

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Definetely go for audio technica ckn70 or cks99. Top tier sound under 100 bucks.
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Do you have SE215's? The iPod cable or the UE900 cable works way better than the stock one.



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Thanks that's what I need to hear smily_headphones1.gif is there any way I can get a more comfortable fit for the mg7 (replacement tips) cuz I'm leaning toward those
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PFE 012 shipped free from Canada for $65 US. That will be hard to beat. Link
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Originally Posted by Origin89 View Post

Go for $100 and buy the Atrio MG7 from their website ( using the coupon code CostProg50%. Trust me. 


I'm glad I did trust you man the atrios are perfect for me thanks a LOT
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is gr07 mk ii a good choice with fiio e11

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