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Also joker did excellent work reviewing a variety of iems, hope this will help.

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Definetely go for audio technica ckn70 or cks99. Top tier sound under 100 bucks.
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Do you have SE215's? The iPod cable or the UE900 cable works way better than the stock one.



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Thanks that's what I need to hear smily_headphones1.gif is there any way I can get a more comfortable fit for the mg7 (replacement tips) cuz I'm leaning toward those
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PFE 012 shipped free from Canada for $65 US. That will be hard to beat. Link
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Originally Posted by Origin89 View Post

Go for $100 and buy the Atrio MG7 from their website ( using the coupon code CostProg50%. Trust me. 


I'm glad I did trust you man the atrios are perfect for me thanks a LOT
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is gr07 mk ii a good choice with fiio e11

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Originally Posted by jonyoo View Post

First off, re 400 would be a much better choice for the s4 although, s4 may have a bit more bass, you may find the sig on the RE quite nice.


However, if you are looking into one with a fuller bass it would be probably better.

Along with the two I mentioned before,

Soundmagic e10

Sennheiser CKM 500


Brainwavs m2

Beyerdynamic DT101

Soundmagic e10 vs Brainwavs m5 vs Panasonic RP-HJE450 vs Klipsch S4 ,which is the best (sound Quality)

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Originally Posted by klfl View Post

I recommend either the vsonic vsd1/vsd1s or the hifiman re400. From my experience these completely destroy the akg k374 or the sennheiser cx300.

 Sorry, I completely disagree with this Statement. I didn't care for the Various Vsonic Phones at all. Maybe if I could get any of them to fit my ear I would feel differently. The AKG 374 are VERY Good, especially at their $70 price point. Not what I would call audiophile as they are quite Bass-Heavy, but a FUN earphone to listen to, Insane Isolation, excellent, Deep soundstage, a little narrow, but ZERO silibance to the highs, which are somewhat recessed as are the mids because of the forwardness of the Bass.  However this can be EQ'd out if desired. Very efficient, (read this as LOUD), as well.  Next to my Senn IE8's They have become my go-tos after about 100Hrs. of burn-in. These puppies were made for good old fashioned Rock and Roll.




:):) TWIN

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Originally Posted by blastpast View Post

klipsch s4 seems to fit my needs re 400 sounds nice too. which ones better and please keep giving me better options

vmoda remix vs ue 500 vs above

the re 400 is a neutral iem and not v shaped they dont sound good in rap music not sure about metal but they would be good for classical and they dont have alot of bass like you mentioned but the re 400 is a very good iem

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