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I need an iem that sounds great with a bit mor bass. I listen to everything from rap to jazz, rock classic everything goes and I want an in ear headphone that can deliver wonderful sound Cheap under $100 cheap. They also need to be comfortable and not have that over ear design like the shure se215. So again: Comfort, sound with a bit more bass(enough that it thumps) oh isolation too, and under $100. Thank you!redface.gif
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Also needs to work well with an ipod classic unamped preferably
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I know you do not want over the ear however soundearphones has the phonak pfe 132's for 99 and free shipping in the us. Check out the deals thread.
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Go for $100 and buy the Atrio MG7 from their website ( using the coupon code CostProg50%. Trust me. 

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audiotechnica ckm500 should be able to find less than $90


soundmagic e10s. its like $35 but id say it matches many earphones in the hundred dollar price range.

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klipsch s4 seems to fit my needs re 400 sounds nice too. which ones better and please keep giving me better options

vmoda remix vs ue 500 vs above
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First off, re 400 would be a much better choice for the s4 although, s4 may have a bit more bass, you may find the sig on the RE quite nice.


However, if you are looking into one with a fuller bass it would be probably better.

Along with the two I mentioned before,

Soundmagic e10

Sennheiser CKM 500


Brainwavs m2

Beyerdynamic DT101

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MH1 if you want more bass or ADDIEMs and although it has the least bass RE400 is among a top choice in this price range.
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I'm telling you dude, you're not going to find a better bass experience in an IEM for that price range that's better than the MG7. The impact, quantity, quality, texture, and depth is superb. 

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The Klipsch's are not bass least not sub-bass heavy. I had them last year. Listen to the guy talking about the mg7's. I've never had them, but they are considered to be some of the most bass-heavy IEMs around.

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So overall sound of atrio mg7's is clear? Plus great bass? Sounds good but I don't like the tips are there replacement tips I can use that you'd recommend?
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ORIGIN how long will that coupon last cuz I'm highly considering the mg7
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also origin89 are the atrio mg7 better then the re400 sound/comfort/isolation wise?

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The coupon has been going on for a while now and I don't see it being taken away anytime soon. The RE-400 is phenomenal, but it's closer to a neutral sound signature, where the MG7 has an obvious boost in the bass and treble. So if you're looking for great bass then the MG7 is where to go, and it still retains a crisp and clear sound. Where the other bassy IEMs in my signature sound bloated and muddy, the Atrio has better bass and still sounds sharp in the mids and highs (particularly the highs). 


Comparing the RE-400 and MG7:


RE-400 - Warmer side of neutral, giving it a very natural sound. Great build quality and great comfort. 

MG7 - Thunderous bass and sparkly highs. Ok build quality and ok comfort. 


They both isolate about the same. 

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I recommend either the vsonic vsd1/vsd1s or the hifiman re400. From my experience these completely destroy the akg k374 or the sennheiser cx300.

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