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For Sale: Pico Power (Purple)

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Pico Power (Purple)

Will Ship To: U.S



Have for sale brand new # 177 Pico Power portable amp (Purple). This beautifully handcrafted amp from Justin over at headamp has only been used once for testing purposes and to ensure it worked properly. Unit includes the original box and manual as well as the leather case. Pico Power is being sold for $475.00 brand new with a 5 week wait or longer. Why wait when you can own it now and save money in the process!! 


Only paypal will be accepted and buyer will be responsible for shipping. No international shipping and no trade.
Thank you for your time
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PM sent

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Pm sent
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Payment made

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Sold!! Thanks for playing who wants a Purple Pico Power

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I made the payment on Jun. 13th and Matthew Simonetti (ILL-Audiophilac) confirmed he received the payment.  However, one week passed I did not receive the amp or tracking number that shows he shipped the amp. confused.gif


I hope Matt is doing OK.  If anyone here know Matt please let him know that if he needs more times to ship out the amp, I am totally fine with it.  Just want to make sure there is nothing bad happened to him.

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I still not hear back from the seller Matthew Simonetti (ILL-Audiophilac).  I already filed a claim with Paypal and dispute with my credit card company.


I will also report to FBI and IC3 as this is a internet fraud case.

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Dude that sucks
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No tears Grobe I had a Hangover moment in Las Vegas and was unable to ship but don't fret Bu11dog got his Purple Pico in all its glory!! Sure wish he would change the negative feedback as he promised but no worries.

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Oh that's good to hear. I stumbled across this ad while researching Pico Power and found this crummy story. Glad it all sorted out in the end. Damn Vegas hangovers can be far reaching! Hahaha smily_headphones1.gif
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