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Originally Posted by Maxx134 View Post

Can you post what is said about gold plated copper?
Why put a lesser conductive metal (gold) over copper?
The electrons like to ride the surface as it is...
So that's like forcing them to ride under the gold plating and I am guessing less interference from the outside?
Oh well bottom line is how it sounds..

I thought it was odd too. The site says "Just a touch on the warm side, with refined characteristics and extension of silver.  A nice, smooth, engaging sound with fast, clean decay." sounds good, but so does the description on the silver. Idk why, but this is a really hard choice for me to make

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I actually just asked Zach about this. His response:


"The change in sound is not in the frequency response, it is merely in the slight tonality that is the attack and decay, or the undertones of the timbre.  It's very subtle and can only really be heard if comparing wires back to back, so there is no wrong choice.  The pure silver and gold plated are a little brighter and the Cardas Copper is a little smoother and darker.  I personally prefer the Cardas wire just because it creates a smoother sounding headphone without any "edge" to the notes, but that is merely personal preference.  Most people actually order the gold plated copper or pure silver."

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About half a year ZMF were in the box. At that time I tried Hifiman HE-400, Sennheiser HD700, Beyerdynamic T-90 and was pretty pleased with that sound. But about a month age I took ZMF back to my everyday use... and was really amazed about its sound signature. 

With Schiit Modi+Magni it was way better than all the hp above. Although soundstage was not as big as hd700 and t90, but the main thing is the sound and enjoyment and it is soooo good! 

Especially the mids which I like, they are liquid and lively that immerse me into every music I listen to. 

Bass is very tight and kick well, but not that speedy. High also good, making the sound very transparent. 

Overall the sound is very smooth and neutral with a little warmth. 

If one would listen at low volume, they are not that balanced, but turn knob at least at 10 o'clock and they begin to shine! 


Now I just can not listen any other headphones. May be Beyerdynamic T1 + Bottlehead Crack combo would bring better sound, but not sure...

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btw, what constitutes high listening volume? Idk how many decibels is loud or quiet. I have can opener app, so I know I listen at an average of 67 dB. Sorry for OT, but the guy before did mention volume level in regards to the headphone :P

BTW, I ordered the headphone with the silver cable. I'm pretty excited about it too

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