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For Sale: [FS] CEntrance DACport [EU]

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
[FS] CEntrance DACport [EU]

Will Ship To: Europe

Up for sale briliant dac/amp all in one CEntrance DACport in great condition. Everything works fine. It's really built like a tank :) Guess, much effort is required to damage this unit in some way


I prefer Europe buyers. It's $199 shipped for everyone within this continent. Of course I can sent it overseas for additional cost


btw. accept paypal payment

You pay the fees











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225$ shipped

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Pm sent.

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still for sale

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c'mon, it's really good device at this price. Huge improvement over fiio e10/e07 which sounds kinda muddy and anemic in comparison. It can even drive  more-than-average-demanding headphones without pant and You can still use it virtually everywhere with your laptop!

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New price is $250. Your asking price is way too close to the new price.
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Ok, so feel free to make an offer.


ps. aah, i see your pm now ;)

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My new price is $199

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