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$300 Portables?

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Driving primarily through a Galaxy S3, i'm looking at either over-ear's or universal fit iem's. I listen to hip hop, electronic, alt. rock, indie rock, etc (basically everything from bassy to more vocal heavy stuff). Though hip hop/electronic isn't all i listen to, bass is still pretty important for me.


As for over-ear's, the only one i'm really interested is the m100's seeing as they're actually portable (cliq-fold). I need isolation, durability, as well as actual portability. Because of this, the momentum's are off the list (they aren't foldable). I know next to nothing about higher end iem's, so any advice would help.



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A good place to start with IEMs would be the Brainwavz M2.  Add in some Comply T-400 foam tips and you have yourself a great IEM that seals well, sounds great, and is built very well.


Here are the measurements:


They seal well enough using the Comply tips that I can use them on planes without having to crank the volume.  I enjoy the sound signature of the M2 because it has good bass extension and a even better midrange.


Total Cost:

$85 or less for the Brainwavz M2

$25 or less for the Comply T-400 foam tips ( I use mediums and have pretty small ears )

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Any other advice? I've also been looking at the monster turbine copper pros, they're on sale for $180 now.

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Maybe the Dunu Tai-Chi or Eph-100. I own the Dunu and are great for rap and the like. But take what i say lightly as the only other headphone i have is the hfi-580.

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Be aware that Monster Turbine Copper Pro IEMs have fakes running around.  I also think that the M2 sounds more neutral and is built way better.  Plus if you break the M2 it will not cost you another $180 or more to have them replaced.

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Originally Posted by Craigster75 View Post

I can't say this with enough conviction, certainty and enthusiasm- M-100

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Originally Posted by DarthUnnamed View Post

I know next to nothing about higher end iem's, so any advice would help.

Have you seen the reviews in this thread?

It can help.
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Why only over-ears vs. IEM's?  That seems a huge difference in type, especially when perhaps the highest quality, most rugged option you can purchase would be on-ear.  Ever heard the HD25-1 II or the Amperior?  Even the V-Moda M-80 would seem a better choice than over-ear for a quality portable.

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