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For Sale:
Audio Technica ATH-WS99

Will Ship To: CONUS

*The image included in this add is just a placeholder until my camera is charged. I will edit this with an updated picture soon.*

Mint condition. Original box included.

The WS99 has a fantastic soundstage, especially when you consider how thin the drivers are and how close they are to your ear. Lightweight + compact makes them great for travel and they feel comfortable on your head. I don't understand why Audio Technica doesn't sell this model in America; they're a Beats killer with audiophile mids/highs.

They're right about 8 oz; the headband feels invisible after a few minutes. I've A/B'd these against my A900X and there are a remarkable amount of similarities between the two, despite one feeling like I've strapped on a football helmet and the other feeling like I could slip them in shoulder bag easily (but don't worry, I never have. These have never been outside of the apartment). Of course, these have much more pronounced bass than the A900X and a smaller soundstage (although not by much). Both the A900X and the WS99 easily trounced my ATH M50 in every category.

If I were rich, I wouldn't be selling these. I went nuts for Amazon's June Audio month and impulse bought 3 headphones and a pair of sport IEMs. I came back to my sense and need to pare down. You know how it goes...


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