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I want to give it another listen with similar stuff before posting a firm opinion, but off the top of my head I want to say that the BA200 might be a better fit than the GR07 for stuff like that, but you couldn't really go wrong with either.

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Cinematic music sounds best with neutral IEMs. I would chose the Hifiman RE400 or Etymotic ER4S.

Annnd this is where I disagree. Classical is best with neutral IEMs (I own the RE0 and Rock-It R-50), but they lack some of the ommph needed for the larger sound of cinematic music. I prefer something with a bit more sub-bass presence and thicker notes for cinematic music like the Yamaha EPH-100. I would suggest also taking a serious look at the Zero Audio Carbo Tenores which seem to have a similar sig to the Yamahas but are 1/3 the price.

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My vote goes to grey filtered PFE11x with Klipsch oval tips.wink_face.gif

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Ooooh yeesss.


The GR07 sounds amazing with Zimmer's tracks. I really believe the GR07 has some of the bast bass texture and speed you can get from a dynamic, and it shows in that kind of music. The only downside though is that it lacks soundstage height compared to its peers. Otherwise, the GR07 is my foremost and sole recommendation.


I would also suggest the Phiaton PS210.  Like the GR07 they use a dynamic transducer so the bass replication is very good.  The PS210 is a "semi-open" design that allows for a larger soundstage.  They will not isolate as well as a GR07 but in a fairly quiet room they sound amazing.  They also have the widest soundstage of any IEM I have listened to.

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